Sunsets are the long day’s way to give us a moment of beauty and peace. Sunsets are the mind’s opportunity to give up overworking and wander for a moment. Sunsets are nature’s way to bring in beauty to any place, no matter how aesthetically inadequate it is; because sunsets have a special way to add... Continue Reading →

Timeless Sunglasses’ Styles

Fads come and go, but in each department of fashion, there are classics; items that your mother wore, you’re wearing now, and your kids are likely to wear 20 years from now. When it comes to timeless sunglasses, I am listing you below the 5 styles of timeless sunglasses we’re likely to keep seeing; “the... Continue Reading →

On Life Keys and How to be Happy

I cannot even start counting how many bloggers and editors out there like to preach us on how to be happy. It seems that everyone and their grandmother have their own preach-worthy (NOT) own formula. Finding happiness, is not something someone behind their screen can teach you. Period. This is something you gotta do on... Continue Reading →

Combined Beauty Routines

As a fashion editor and a blogger, you guessed it, I get a lot of beauty products and gifts to test and review. My beauty routines are never synchronized and I am always jumping from one routine to the other, every time I have something new to talk about. But no one product can actually... Continue Reading →

Tips for a Perfect Retro Makeup

A simple retro makeup is always a good choice. Why? Because it can be made to fit any situation, any occasion and any outfit. There’s no makeup I can think of, besides no-makeup makeup, that can be as versatile as the black eyeliner + red lips makeup. Assuming you are comfortable with applying eyeliner quickly... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to my Father

I might look very very ungrateful… I most probably look like I am, most kids probably look like they are. I live in a different house. I visit once a week. When I am around, I wake up too late for morning coffee. My chatty giiggly mood kicks when everyone is asleep. I pack and... Continue Reading →

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