5 Makeup Practices I Totally Ditched in 2020

Our makeup routines, practices and looks are always evolving with time, trends and industry related technology. They also change and evolve with age, and with our growing awareness of products and best practices. Here are 5 makeup practices I personally ditched in 2020 to adopt others that are better suited to my age, skin health... Continue Reading →

Makeup Products You Don’t Need

Welcome to 2020 where every single industry is based on heavy consumerism and fast turnover, regardless of delivered value. The beauty industry is no different, as new products are launching every single day to the point we don't even get the time to derive any value from the already purchased products. Collaborations between international influencers... Continue Reading →

Best Makeup Tips of 2019

We ladies, are spending a long time every single day online; which means we are also bombarded with makeup pictures, tutorial videos and random tips. Every beauty guru with an online channel seems to be sharing loads of information, and telling right from wrong is becoming a matter of hands on experience. 2019 was a... Continue Reading →

5 Beauty Myths I Got to Bust Myself

There's a lot of beauty content everywhere online, and it's becoming harder to discern the scientific from the non-scientific by the day! Trends and fads on social media tend to take over the beauty world overnight, and people follow blindly without a reality check or a scientific background. The truth is, a lot is being... Continue Reading →

Unusual Beauty Tips

خلال مسيرتي الطويلة كمدونة للموضة، تعرفت على الكثير من مستحضرات التجميل والعناية بالبشرة وجربتها. وبما أنني أحب المغامرة وحتى على حساب أن تتعرض بشرتي للأذى أحيانا؛ تعلمت الكثير من الحيل التي لا يعرفها الجميع عن العناية بالبشرة، سأشارككم ثلاث منها في هذا المقال During my time as a fashion and beauty blogger, I got to... Continue Reading →

Days in the Sun…

We all need those days in the sun, so never skip your healthy dose of time off by the beach; I mean it, never skip spending days in the sun. In fact, life has gotten way too stressful lately; just too much work, too much meetings, too much to attend or to attend to, and... Continue Reading →

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