27 Thoughts of a Woman at 27

As every birthday since the creation of this blog, I share with you lessons I learned from my life, or facts that shape me and transform me gradually into the better woman I thrive to become. In these articles, I try not to focus on myself as much as I try to relate to women... Continue Reading →

Style & The Weather

Those who know me well; know that the weather is never on my radar when I am trying to pick a style for an event or just a day out. Now of course, I can tell the difference between a sand storm and a snow storm; but I usually select my outfit, then decide on... Continue Reading →

Last Of Summer Outfits

Saying goodbye to summer is to me, the hardest goodbye of the year. I love summer. For me, summer is like pizza: when it is good, it’s really good; and when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. Summer outfits are by far my favorites: the fabrics, the colors, the prints, and the limitless possibilities created... Continue Reading →

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