How To Develop Healthy Habits

We all aim one way or another to become healthier, fitter, and to adopt better and healthier daily habits. However, it is not developing healthy habits what we suffer at, but getting rid of the older bad habits. My experience in life taught be that the best way to approach both bad and good health habits, is incrementally.... Continue Reading →

Look Well and Feel Well with Silkor Lebanon

When I say Silkor, most of you will think of “laser solutions”; and you’re definitely right because Silkor has definitely excelled in providing top of the line hair removal solutions to both women and men in the Arab World. However since, Silkor has been expanding in several beauty and fitness areas, by bringing the latest slimming and skincare solutions... Continue Reading →

Coffee Scrubs to Get Rid of Cellulite

I am sure you all heard of the famous “coffee scrubs” claiming to remove cellulite; and since cellulite is one problem I do suffer from relatively -just like 99% of women-, I decided to test this claim myself and bring you both the method and the results of this treatment. How to prepare the coffee scrub: -Add... Continue Reading →

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