Starting this Summer in Muscat

Hot destinations are my crush! The hotter the better… and that is because I like getting my summer tan in May and early June. This year though, I started my summer in Muscat. A combination of leisure and business, this two weeks trips where I spent most of my time on the golden sands of the Arabian... Continue Reading →

10 Reasons to Love Beirut

I love Beirut. With its pollution, traffic and mess; I love Beirut. And I love Beirut for a million reasons; some I can pinpoint, and most I can’t. This post is just a passing tribute to the one city that’s ever alive, through it all, and despite it all. -I love Beirut… Because at dawn,... Continue Reading →

Sharm El Sheikh Trip

Travel to Sharm el Sheikh: The Egyptian city located in Southern Sinai and which remained occupied by Israel until the 80s (The Camp David Accord), is one of the main spring and summer attractions of the Middle East. On the shores of the Red Sea, Sharm el Sheikh can be perfectly compared to a giant... Continue Reading →

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