Winds of Change Again

Today, I went through my previous blog post “Winds of Change”, published back in 2014… And I realized that the winds of change are changing directions again… Last I imagined in my career as a freelance luxury consultant, former regional editor/director, and influencer/blogger; that the day will come where I will be standing on the other... Continue Reading →

Middle East Influencers and Priorities

Middle East Influencers and Priorities We are living in an age where anyone with above 10 000 followers on any social media call themselves influencer. Well, good, because the definition of influencer is one topic I am leaving to another article. What I want to tackle here, is what “influencers” are trying to influence people into. In the Middle East, we... Continue Reading →

How To Develop Healthy Habits

We all aim one way or another to become healthier, fitter, and to adopt better and healthier daily habits. However, it is not developing healthy habits what we suffer at, but getting rid of the older bad habits. My experience in life taught be that the best way to approach both bad and good health habits, is incrementally.... Continue Reading →

عندما تقرر المرأة النجاح

عندما تقرر المرأة النجاح؛ تبتدئ مسيرة التغير. فلا أحد ينجح من خلال تكرار الروتين نفسه والأساليب نفسها ابتدأت مسيرة التدوين والصحافة منذ ثلاثة سنوات؛ كانت حقاً حافلة بالكثير من اللحظات الجميلة والمعارف الأجمل؛ لكن أجمل ما فيها، كان أنها دفعتني لإكتشاف آفاق جديدة، لن اتمكن من عبور جسورها سوى بتغيير الكثير، والتخلي عن الكثير. وصلت... Continue Reading →

Fung Whatever Doesn’t Make You Up

Fashion makes me happy, along with driving muscle cars, horseback riding and staying home alone curled up in bed with snacks and a book. These things make me happy, sometimes; this is why I’ve made of them my regular bad habits. Now here’s the thing, my main job is outside of fashion, and I’ve got... Continue Reading →

27 Thoughts of a Woman at 27

As every birthday since the creation of this blog, I share with you lessons I learned from my life, or facts that shape me and transform me gradually into the better woman I thrive to become. In these articles, I try not to focus on myself as much as I try to relate to women... Continue Reading →

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