PatriciaIssa.com is my little website! It is my personal space carrying my flair for luxury, fashion, exquisite lifestyle experiences, personal style, beauty, healthy life, motivational initiatives and travel. It is my way to reflect another side of my life as an entrepreneur, and a very busy business owner.

But who am I? Just Patricia, a luxury consultant, CEO of The Luxury Makers, serial entrepreneur, busy bee, and social influencer working with different brands and personalities across the Middle East.

Originally a Business Finance graduate of the American University of Beirut, with graduate studies in International Affairs and Diplomacy; joining the marketing and lifestyle industry as an entrepreneur or becoming a company owner was the most unexpected thing that ever happened to me. When I joined the lifestyle industry, the last I imagined was how many roles I will be playing in it.

Starting at the very bottom as a junior fashion editor, I started my old blog ‘Fashionicia” (which archive is available here as everything prior to January 1, 2018), then moved from there to freelancing as a marketing consultant and influencer, empowered by the many collaborations I had already crafted with regional brands, and all the PR I had gained from my public presence.

Then came the time where things became more serious to me, so I dived head on in my new company The Luxury Makers (a marketing consultancy, business development agent, and bespoke luxury provider). Grateful to have had all 2017 to prepare a solid base for my business, and strong strategic alliances in the GCC and Southwest Asia, I am taking on this new challenge in 2018 on the expense of what I’ve previously done in the previous 5 years …

Not without leaving a window I can still share from, my increasingly busier life … I moved my online presence to this bigger blog, and more eclectic platform; so I can still take with you with me on my journey, and share with you whatever I believe to be beneficial to all of us.

On these virtual pages, I attempt to provide glimpses of my busy life as a entrepreneur and influencer, but will still bring you my personal choices in beauty fashion & lifestyle, and share as much as possible of the lessons I learn as my  journey unfolds. This space is meant to be personal, beautiful and maybe just a little useful too; so I hope my readers will enjoy surfing it and benefiting from  my experiences and advice.


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