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Beauty Review: Ozonlabs – A Brand That’s Going Places

Not a long ago, I was introduced to Ozonlabs, a Turkish skincare brand and its beautiful founder Angela Balasu Dunralap! Now of course, when it comes to beauty brands, no talk can precede direct trial of the products; but I was immediately impressed with how put together is the brand in terms of branding and packaging; which is the first thing we tend to notice when it comes to any brand out there. Ozon Labs is very well branded, very luxuriously packaged and very appealing to the eye. And allow me to mention that its founder Angela Balasu Dunralap is also a very beautiful and relatable personality on IG!

A month after first trial, and to keep it short, I will briefly let you know what I loved the most about each product I received and finally link the Instagram account and website of the brand so you can check it out for yourself:

middle east beauty influencers

Purifying Facial Cleansing Foam – Probiotic Technology

If you’re looking for a cleansing facial wash that does not dry the skin; this is it! I love how this product doesn’t cause any kind of dryness to the skin and doesn’t cause tightness like most facial washes do especially immediately after washing.

Ozonlava Bentonite Clay

This mask, made of volcanic clay, is actually one of my favorites now. It can be used for both face and body but I honestly will keep it for my face only. The two benefits I noticed the most from using this mask are oil control (since I have oily skin) and pore tightening around the nose area. I feel this mask cleanses my skin deeply, and leaves it much less oily for hours on end after use.

I am a sucker for concentrated serums, this is probably why I was sent 4 of them! And this is what I think of each:

Sepia Anti Aging Serum

As the name suggests, this serum fights signs of aging! What I love the most about it is how light it is and how fast my skin absorbed it; it does not leave any greasy trails on the skin at all. The compounded effect of using this serum will show up in a more relaxed skin with much shallower fine lines. The first results are ones I observed in a week of use.

Glam Anti Aging Serum

The Glam Anti-Aging Serum on the other hand, at least from my observation, has a more immediate effect because it leaves the skin immediately radiant, all while boosting its resistance, elasticity and glow over time and regular use! Note on the side: I love products with immediate effects, they’re such positive impact on the soul before the face!


middle east beauty influencers

O3RSS Serum

I don’t really know where to start with this serum! But this is the perfect friend of people who spend the majority of their time in urban areas because it is rich in anti-oxidants and directly fights the negative effects of pollution and aging on the skin. People always forget how badly we need anti-oxidants at night because we forget what the skin goes through during the day. I personally noticed this serum cancels the day’s effect from my skin when I use it at night. So if you’re a busy person and your skin is always in contact with toxins causing you aging; this serum should be your bestie! I recommend using it mainly at night.

Cocoday’s Day Serum

And here’s a great serum for the day to complete the collection! During the day, my main problem is usually the loss of moisture in the skin, so I am always looking for a powerful serum that can lock moisture for hours without being heavy or greasy because I love wearing makeup! Cocoday’s is honestly super light but does the job perfectly without affecting your makeup; but I recommend letting it rest for a few minutes before you apply your day makeup. You will notice the compounded effect of this specific serum in boosted radiance and glow over time!

-Allow me to mention that ozonated products do have a potent smell at first application, but it will be fading out within minutes-

Follow @OzonLabsTurkiye on Instagram or access their website www.ozonlabs.com  to check out their big collection of excellent skincare products and order for yourself!


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