Up Close And Personal – My Biggest Style Pet Peeves Ever

Since I already posted the style mistakes that make anyone over 30 look poor or cheap (you can read it here); I also decided to share with you my personal 20 pet peeves when it comes to style and fashion. And that’s because I know I share these pet peeves with a lot of people who wouldn’t dare to express their real opinions, to avoid being attacked by those who love these trends or styles.

I am taking one for the team today, so let’s start:

1- Anything boho or hippie. Unless it’s a small cute accessory. In reality, I find that these styles are meant to legitimize being shabby.

2- Clothes in bad conditions: Wrinkled or crippled clothes or washed away colors.

3- Raffia wedges, unless super well made and thin at the bottom; they’re simply cheap and too bulky to come near elegance.

4- Long socks, socks with open shoes, colored socks unless they fully match the shoes.

5- Color blocking that includes more than 2 colors or contrasts.

6- Pattern on pattern.

7- Feather earrings and any earrings that have non-metallics dangling from them.

8- Too much colors, of anything.

9- Simply sizing up when you’re a bigger person. Wrong!! The correct thing is to wear a totally different cut.

10- Going out in flip flops no matter how “elegant” or “expensive” they’re supposed to be.

11- Squarely designed shoes. No rules here, I just find them ugly.

12- Wearing ugly pieces just because they’re high brand or trendy. Still ugly. And by the way, you don’t have to accept what you initially didn’t even like just because it’s made by so and so; or is deemed to be sophisticated. Still ugly.

13- Small sunglasses – just no. Personal taste.

14- Big hair clips, just ugly, and ill fitting. Big head bands, maybe, if very well done!

15- Wearing the wrong bra, especially if you’re past a C-Cup. It can ruin the whole look.

16- Wearing thin fabric when you’re jelly consistency. Sorry not sorry. And been there. I blame my friends for not beating me up for it. I wear it now only after 6 months of gym!

17- Wearing short pieces when you don’t have the legs for it. Also been there, not anymore though!

18- Not knowing when to dress up and when not, even if it’s for the gram. This will sound superficial, but yes, it will affect you socially in a very negative way.

19- Anything denim skirts or denim dresses. Personal taste.

20- And finally, my biggest pet peeve of all, mixing anything boho and hippie with high end well structures pieces. You’re not up-scaling the former, just cheapening the latter and looking weird.

Disclaimer: This is a personal post, you might agree or disagree. I respect all tastes, definitely find a few totally ridiculous, still respect them, but this is my own.

Sorry, not sorry.


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