7 Productive Things Entrepreneurs Can Do In A Home Quarantine Period

During this self imposed quarantine we’re living under the corona virus outbreak, entrepreneurs are particularly stressed out because most businesses are stalling as if frozen in time; while the business cycle doesn’t really wait for anyone or anything. As an entrepreneur myself, I am trying to make the most out of this period by getting as much things done as possible; of course within the limits imposed by the quarantine.

In this brief article, I am sharing with you 7 productive things entrepreneurs can do during the home quarantine, that they can benefit their businesses later on:

1- Prepare tons of marketing content to use after the situation has passed.

2- Email your clients a thoughtful message wishing them safety and indirectly reminding that you are still there and in business.

3- Connect with other businesses, negotiate and craft new strategic alliances.

4- Connect and collect databases of new clients to target later on.

5- Use the downtime to uplift the branding of the business such as the website, social media platforms and any other public handles of the business.

6- Run an efficiency review on your business model, and upgrade it accordingly.

7- Install an emergency response plan for your enterprise based on an alternative business model, for the next time such circumstances hit the world.


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