5 Tips To Help You Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

Admit it! It’s only February and you already did let go of most of your New Year’s Resolutions!! No worries though, it is the case with most people; whether the resolutions are around a more fit life, a more vibrant social life, a more focused work effort, weight management, or beating a certain addiction; we all tend to fall back, sometimes by mid-January.

This is why, I am sharing with you 5 tips to help you stick to your resolutions until you actually see results:

1- Decide on 2 major resolutions to start with, then start introducing more and more change incrementally throughout the first half of the year. For example start with weight management and waking up early, then within a month of dieting and stabilizing your sleep, start introducing workouts. This way, there will be less pressure and you will have the time to adjust to change without having to carry the whole bulk upfront.

2- Do not be so radical about time. More often than not, we have this notion of change automatically linked to certain start dates and end dates arbitrarily. In reality, dates themselves are random divisions of time that have zero effect on us. Your diet can start on a Thursday, and you can let go of smoking on the 4th of January not the 1st. The more important thing to focus on is your readiness to change. Success can be measured by time, but is not bound to specific dates.

3- Do not treat a relapse like a failure, because it is not. The only thing that allows me to stick to my diet, skincare routine, work goals or any resolutions at that; is my ability to forgive myself when I fall back for a day or two. It is the same for everyone. What really counts is your ability to stick with your routine “most” of the time, and your understanding that a small cheat or relapse does not drive you back to ground 0. The progress you made still matters, and will still have a compounding effect at the end.

4- Document both your progress journey and your relapses; it will help you put thing in perspectives and understand that acquiring new routines and new habits is a process with ups and downs, not a straight line. It will also help you measure how far you’re making it which will motivate you to push yourself further. Going back to point 3, it will also show you that a relapse or two can at best pause your progress for a couple of days, and won’t matter in the bigger scheme of things.

5- Remember that you can only connect the dots looking backwards, as the late Steve Jobs used to say, which means that you should measure every new version of you against yesterday’s version. The person you were yesterday is your only competition, beat that competition a little every day, and your path towards nailing your resolutions and becoming the best version of you, will become much easier!

Best of luck on your journey!! 


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