The Style File of 2019

2019 wasn’t much of a fashion year”, just like 2018. In effect, it must be one of the years I focused on everything except my “style”. 2019 was a true struggle for me as a person, and for my country Lebanon; which left me and much of us, Lebanese, out-of-mood for everything that can be deemed non-essential. This year we had businesses to save, hope to create, and a country to recreate. My mission this past year was to create new opportunities for my future, solidify my business PR, create projects for my company in 3 other countries, get fit / healthy and focus on my personal life. For most, I succeeded; not a success I can enjoy though while my Lebanon is still struggling.

Yet, style comes naturally to me, this is why I still find it a yearly classic to share with you my style highlights of the year; find them in the below pictures and feel free to ask me anything about any piece you like!!

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