A November to Remember In Istanbul


Istanbul is a beautiful city that I’ve explored several times before, during several seasons. I’ve seen it under  the burning summer sun, and covered by snow on new year’s eve. But this year, 2019, I got to explore it in November for the first time.

My boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Istanbul for my birthday. The trip turned out more than just a birthday trip … I will let the pictures do the talking for this specific part. This trip was a mix of being the typical Istanbul tourist, and trying to act local since we both know the city very well; for most, this is what we truly loved:

1- The weather was amazing … It was neither hot, nor as cold as Istanbul is expected to be. So I was able to wear fall clothes and take nice pictures in cute outfits instead of having heavy coats on.

2- November in Istanbul allows for a lot of long walks and endless metro trips that I totally enjoyed. Despite my many trips to Istanbul, this was the first time I hit the streets by day and by night for real. We were able to roam the city for less than 2$ a day! Perks of using efficient public transport! We even allowed ourselves some lost-in-the-city times!!

3- I focused on street food rather than all the “most recommended” restaurants I visit regularly, and on trying to act more like a local than a tourist. I sat on the sidewalk with my 1$ coffee, had shawarma at 3 am on the streets, and enjoyed blending in in a city I know so well. You will be surprised how great is the food in those un-instagramable corners of the city.

4- On the other side of life, I’ve also had an amazing birthday (and more – please refer to pictures) celebration in one of the best island restaurants in town: Maiden’s Tower; an amazing classic shopping trip in Istiklal street (with a bit of romantic rain on the side); and the famous mixed brunch at Dome.

5- And finally, catching the early November sales where everything is still available; is always a good thing!!!

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the trip so you find out for yourself, what made it a November to Remember!! (The rest is on my Instagram @pattheyissa ).





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