Weight Loss 2019/2020! The Only Diet That Worked For Me!!

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know my weight fluctuates a lot and I tend to yo-yo diet like most women do! Somewhere between different detoxes and high protein diets; I’ve found myself repeatedly regaining the weight only to have to lose it all back again!

At 30, yo-yoing with my weight like this is so longer an option, because I know for fact that my skin won’t be handling all this stretching as before. And the cellulite… don’t get me started! This is why,  I finally decided to give “Intermittent Fasting” a try, after I’ve heard so much about it from dietitians, celebrities and doctors on Youtube.

To tell you upfront, I lost 7.3 kilos in 2 months (Update: It’s 10 Kilos now and it’s about time to start working out on shaping my body). According to my last body composition test, they’re 100% fat; so most people who see me think I lost much more because as you know, a kilogram of fat is at least triple the volume of a kilo of muscle!! And to the most hated “cellulite” topic, I’ve seen a 30-40% improvement in 2 months. Honestly, the effect on cellulite which I saw Dr. Eric Berg explaining on Youtube, was a primary motivation in my experience with intermittent fasting. (I will dedicate a separate post for the issue of the most dreaded cellulite soon).

Let’s jump to the important stuff:

How to do intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is simple, all you have to do is to fast for 16 hours a day and keep all of your calorie intake within the remaining 8 hours. The best way to do it is to fast between 8 pm and 12 pm, and eat between 12 pm and 8 pm.

On most days I fast between 17 and 18 hours, but you don’t have to do this.

You can change your hours on days where you have social commitments as well. For example, when I know I have a dinner at 9 pm, I just change my eating window to 2pm-10pm, and restart the fast at 10 pm for the next 16 hours. You will end up with a shorter eating window the next day, but at least you’ll be guilt-free.

What to eat/drink during intermittent fasting?

-You can eat anything you want during your eating window of 8 hours, but your total calories shouldn’t exceed 1500 kcal per day.

-It is best to make sure your last meal is fully made up of proteins and veggies, because carbs can cause bouts of hunger during the night especially while you’re still adjusting.

-Water is very important during intermittent fasting, this is why you should consume at least 3L of water per day, especially during the fasting time.

-Anything with no calories (black coffee, tea, herbal infusions, sparkling water, diet soda…) can be consumed during the fasting hours. But nothing with calories can be consumed!!

-For the best results, you should focus on proteins and fibers for your main meals.

Can I cheat on intermittent fasting?

You don’t have to!

-Replace your dinner with your favorite food or dessert once/twice a week (in moderate quantities) and you’re good to go!

-Alter your fasting window when you have a social commitment and keep going!

What do I do if my intermittent fasting hits a plateau?

In case of a plateau on intermittent fasting, you can reboot your system by combining these two methods:

-Spend a weekend eating normally, but in moderate quantities.

-If your intermittent fasting is combined with a high protein diet, have your regular carbs for 2 days while keeping the fasting window at 12-12 instead of 16-8.

And even if you don’t hit a plateau, do reboot your system at least once a month for a weekend anyway!!

What results should I expect on intermittent fasting?

Every women is different, and every body reacts differently; but here are the average results you are to expect on intermittent fasting:

-You will lose 4-5 kilos of pure fat a month, and your weight loss will show a lot because pure fat is very voluminous in our bodies. (Most people will think you lost much more weight, because your tummy will be flat, and you will look fitter overall).

-You will never feel hungry ever again, because your body will adapt to long fasting periods of consuming its own fat. (Warning: This doesn’t apply to the period when your body is still adjusting to the system. Give it at week).

-You will lose a lot of fat around your waist, stomach and belly.

-You will have your flat morning tummy, all day long.

-Growth hormones will increase at a 5/1 ratio (5 folds)  in your body and this will …. be ready for the surprise …. GRADUALLY REMOVE YOUR MOST RESILIENT CELLULITE by renewing your connective tissues and fascia!!! (Don’t expect this result before the end of the second month though, and some people need some more time).

-Your energy levels will double during your fasting times.

-Your sleep will become more regular.

-And your motivation to stay on track will be at an all times high because you will wake up deflated and flatter every day, and  the intermittent fasting system is so easy to follow and flexible!!

Allow me to add that once you’re on an intermittent fasting lifestyle, going backwards becomes so hard because you wouldn’t want to lose the daily boosts of energy, flat belly, and cellulite free body! Add to that, no one will be missing waking up with the horrible nausea of late night snacks, bloated carbs belly, or constant bouts of hunger of the regular diet!

(I don’t even remember the last time I felt hungry! … Oh yes, it was during the rebooting weekend last month!)

Needless to say, I am definitely a disciple of the intermittent fasting diet now; because the results of this lifestyle go way beyond the weight loss. The effects of intermittent fasting on my energy levels and cellulite motivates me to push my limits and extend my fasting window every day!

If you have any questions please drop them to my Instagram account @pattheyissa, I’ll be glad to answer you!



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