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7 Signs You Are At The Brink Of A Life Shift

The only true constant in life, is change. Life is every changing, and I am very sure we all have already experienced several shifts in our lives where both our environment and thought processes changed drastically.

When it’s time for the next level in life, energies around us and energies within us start acting differently, even acting out at times. Life will make us uncomfortable with everything concerning the chapter we are stuck at, and we will automatically start experiencing bouts of depression, unexplained anger and stress, and general unease about our surroundings.

At the brink of a third major shift in my life, here are the 7 signs I’ve recognized, and you will experience, as the signs always preceding a major life shift:

1- You will gradually loose interest in a few of your hobbies and take other hobbies, usually in need of more body or brain work.

2- Your usual social surrounding will no longer feels as entertaining, and you will suddenly experience the need to meet more like-minded individuals, with whom you can have a different type of connection.

3- You will detach from the things you’ve hoarded over the past chapter of life, and feel the need to sell, donate or just get rid of the clutter.

4- You will feel uncomfortable in your own skin and start seeking way to re-look or re-style yourself.

5- Your openness to others and tolerance of what’s drastically different from your kind of “usual” starts dramatically increasing.

6- Your curiosity about the world will also drastically increase along with your openness to new perspectives and experiences.

7-  Your patterns of voluntary / leisure spending will change a lot, in terms of what you spend on.

If you can detect any of those feelings or patterns happening now to you, get ready for the next level in life!! At this point, resistance is your enemy; so relax and let the change take you through your next chapter in harmony and grace.

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