7 Ways Your Style Will Change Going From 20 to 30

As hard as kissing your twenties goodbye is, as beautiful your style evolution will become if you’re a fashion lover who’s interested in looking your best at all times. Suddenly, you’re no longer the trend junkie, but rather an elegant woman looking to transform your wardrobe into a true reflection of your lifestyle and personality.

In this short article, I will list the 7 ways my style changed and evolved throughout the years working up to my thirties; and how I expect yours will too:

1- You will stop caring for the ongoing and ever changing fads and trends, and become a true connoisseur of timeless pieces.

2- Your color choices will become much smaller as non-versatile  “trendy” colors will fall by the waysides.

3- Quality will take center stage, as you will no longer care to acquire those pieces that are not a good investment of your money.

4- Comfort will replace “no pain no gain”, as your readiness to wear something uncomfortable for hours on end will disappear.

5- Your choice of trendy pieces will become limited to those trends that are prone to come back once a while.

6- You will learn to shop for your actual lifestyle instead of your aspired lifestyle; and will invest in the pieces that you are prone to wear the most versus the fantasy pieces of “once in a blue moon”.

7- You will shop much less, but will buy more expensive and much more versatile items.

8- You will become more prone to donate pieces you’re not wearing, as your sense of utility will increase with time.

9- You will no longer care for any pieces that do not fit your established style, and only introduce new items that fit your overall wardrobe.

10- Your wardrobe will get smaller, but will be used must often (a much better return on investment). It will also triple in value and serve you for years to come!!

These are the changes I am relating from my personal experience throughout the past 7-8 years; but each person is different, so feel free to share with me your personal experience with style evolution on Instagram –> @pattheyissa


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