Mesotherapy Review – NOT SPONSORED

I am very well aware that most beauty reviews you read online by influencers, are sponsored by brands. This is why I am sharing with you this mesotherapy review because:

1- It is truly the one treatment you will ever need for the youngest most radiant skin you ever had.

2- I am not promoting any spa, salon or brand; and won’t even mention where I had my own sessions done. (But of course will leave you with clue on how to choose the best treatment for you).

Let me start by introducing “mesotherapy” for you:

Mesotherapy is a non surgical skin rejuvenation treatment aimed at diminishing problem areas on the face and body.  The treatments involve injecting Hyaluronic Acid directly into the mesoderm (middle layer of the skin), through a device feature automatically rotating shallow needles.

Is it painful?

Your face will be numbed, but your pain tolerance will also dictate how deep can you therapist go. Needles can do 1mm to 2.5 mm deep into the skin. Areas close to your face’s bones are the ones prone to hurt the most.

I personally didn’t have much to complain about except maybe around the forehead a little.

How many sessions do you need?

Anything between 5 to 7 sessions spaced out by 10 to 15 days; depending on your recovery period after the sessions and skin progress after the 5th session.

I personally had the perfect skin after the 5th session, and didn’t need to proceed further.

What happens after a session of mesotherapy?

After a typical session of mesotherapy, you will experience skin redness and will need to use a disinfectant cream all over your face and neck for 2 days as your skin will be injured from all the needles.

Then you will need to use a 100 SPF sunblock, until all traces of the session disappear. The sun is your sworn enemy during mesotherapy.

Your skin will start peeling 3-4 days later as if you’ve experienced a sunburn, and new skin will show.

I personally stopped experiencing severe redness or skin injuries after the first two sessions. My skin probably developed tolerance for needling. I also started peeling within 2-3 days from the session. So the more you do mesotherapy, the easier the pain and skin reaction will become and the faster your skin will peel to reveal new skin.

(PS: No makeup until the 5th or 6th day from mesotherapy, remember your skin is very sensitive. I personally was only using eyeliner and mascara).

Results and my personal experience:

I do not really want to talk about generic results as this whole article is a private recommendation, because I truly want you to benefit from my personal positive experience with mesotherapy, so here are “my” results:

-From the first session I felt some “je ne sais quoi” effect, like a bit of an overall improvement covering the following areas: skin evenness, filler effect over all the fine lines, radiance and glow.

-Session after session, these effects were being compounded in a way that people started asking me about what I’ve done for my skin. The most common comment is: “you look different”. Those who knew I had some scars especially in the forehead area; clearly commented that they’re not as visible.

-After the last session, people were openly telling me I don’t look my age, and women were really curious about what I’ve been doing to look 20 at 30!

I personally can hardly see my fine lines; and I’ve been honestly skipping foundation altogether because I don’t even need it anymore (which is great by summer)!! My skin tone is very even and I am much more about naked skin and messy grunge dark eye makeup lately! I am very happy with my mesotherapy results, that I’ve booked 6 sessions for this coming winter!

Important notes:

-There are some mesotherapy treatments that barely scratch the skin as well, I don’t know if they work by some sort of pressure; but they’re not what I am talking about. I am talking about the real deal where needles actually go into the skin.

-Different people have different skins and tend to react differently to mesotherapy, you may experience more or less redness or discomfort during or after the session; but it will get easier as the sessions go by. On my last 2 sessions, my redness subsided by the evening of the same day.

-And please consult your doctor before proceeding!!

The only thing I can truly guarantee here, is the amazing result providing your doctor says yes and you’re willing to put up with a few days of redness and no sun after each session of mesotherapy!!

-This article is by no way paid for or sponsored by anyone!-


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