7 Business Tips to Make Social Media Work for You

It’s 2019, and if a business doesn’t have social media, it’s like it doesn’t even exist! Yet, it is not easy to figure out how can we make social media a productive channel to support the business and push visibility and client acquisition.

Below, are my top 7 business tips to make your business’ social media channels more useful in boosting your business’ exposure and client acquisition:

1- Clear Descriptions:

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; make sure your business description page or bio is filled perfectly. Stay clear and concise so people can tell exactly what you do.

When short on space (like on your Instagram bio), state clearly in bullet forms, your main services.

2- Informative Posts:

When you post pictures, videos or links from your website; make sure your convey the proper information in the caption or description. State the main points and redirect people to read the rest on your website.

Make sure the interesting piece of information comes first, followed by your sales message.

3- Constant Stories:

Nowadays, stories have become more important than static posts, especially on Instagram. Make sure your business’ pages are constantly posting interesting stories divided between business introduction, sales messages, inspirational content, and engaging interactive stories. Try as much as possible to stay online on stories 24/7.

4- Clear Targetting:

Hashtags and paid promotions are there for you to help you target specific niches; this is why you should always use them in your posts, stories and links to target your market.

The best way to use hashtags is to include geo-hashtags, industry related hashtags, and a couple of circumstantial time related hashtags.

For paid promotions, geographical targeting is very important as well as gender specifics and keywords; however you shouldn’t tighten your targeting too much so as not to end up with very expensive clicks.

5- Non-Commercial Content:

No one likes to be bombarded with sales messages 24/7; this is why you need to balance your content between commercial and non-commercial. Make sure you post industry insights, inspirational messages, current happenings and local / regional holidays and events.

6- Human Presence:

Nothing beats giving your business a human voice on social media, this is why there’s nothing wrong in posting a message / picture from the business owner, some content with the team, and some activations involving the people behind the business. Getting an influencer or a third party human voice to speak for your business once a while is also a good way to establish rapport with your market.

7- Mutual Support:

Do good, and good will come back to you! This is why supporting other businesses that could be relevant to your own; will only result in them supporting your business back; which means bigger exposure and potential clients for everyone! Never shy away from shouting out a successful business or inspiring entrepreneur; and you’ll be surprised how  fast they will do the same to you!

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