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10 Types of People I’m Unfollowing on Instagram

Hello Instagram! And hello all 7 people per squared meter trying to become influencers!!

Amidst a zillion new influencers up and coming everyday, and a few genuine ones with real platform contrasting a lot of Instagram-only stars and wannabes; it’s becoming totally crucial for me to filter my following and limit it to the platforms that are of value-added to me, inspire me, motivate me, educate me one way or another; and if nothing, at least please my aesthetic eye. Therefore, I am sharing with you the types of influencers / Instagram accounts I don’t connect with, and will be unfollowing today, so let’s see if you can relate (oh, and sorry not sorry if I sound mean):

1- The Flashy Flesh:

You have your boobs in an ad that has nothing to do with lingerie or porn? UNFOLLOWED.

2- The Over-Sharer:

You post 3-4 pictures a day and 20 stories of your dailies even when nothing major necessitates the coverage? UNFOLLOWED.

3- The Overzealous Parent:

You feed is like 80% following your kids around with no real content to balance it? God bless your kids, but … UNFOLLOWED.

4- The Bad Influence:

Already a beauty and advertising a plastic surgeon who just ruined you with male jaws? UNFOLLOWED.

5- The Debbie Downer:

Negative captions and depressive stories and content? UNFOLLOWED.

6- The Quote Master:

A quote in every post like a prophet, while you’re the ultimate couch potato? UNFOLLOWED.

7- The Perfect Life:

You only post stories when you look perfect? You never go out without makeup? You don’t ever wear hoodies and fat pants? UNFOLLOWED.

8- The Bully, The Mean, The Passive Aggressive and The Overly Defensive:

You just jumped on the bandwagon bullying someone because a friend of a friend of a friend doesn’t like them? You post mean content because you think it makes you look powerful (ha ha ha ha ha ha)? You’re passive aggressive with people you don’t even know? You’re overly defensive facing criticism? UNFOLLOWED … NO … BLOCK.

9- The Walking Billboard:

You only share sponsored posts and stories? You only attend events when paid to attend? UNFOLLOWED.

10- The Double Faced:

You gossiped about someone for months on end and are suddenly their best friend behind my back? UNFOLLOWED. WAIT. NO. I WANT TO STAY HERE AND WATCH. Lol I’ve already seen enough of what karma does to the double faced babies.


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