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Five Things you Need to Stop Telling Yourself if you Want to Become an Entrepreneur

Out of all the talks we tend to have every single day; self talk is the most important and the most dangerous at the same time. Because it is self talk that will eventually play the biggest role in either motivating or demotivating you from taking bold steps in life, like starting your own business and become an entrepreneur. Out of all the self talk I’ve been having (and boy, my self and I talk a lot); and from my experience and other people’s around me in the entrepreneurship circle; I’ve collected the most dangerous things you need to stop telling yourself “now”, if you really want to succeed in your business life as an entrepreneur:


1- “I can’t do it”

Yes you can. The simple fact that you thought of it, probably elaborately and with executive steps in mind, means that not only you can, but you already have some sort of a plan. People do not get ideas like “I wanna become a mango”, people get ideas like “what if I sell mango, or mango juice, or mango flavored something”; and with ideas like these come natural questions like “where can I find a mango wholesaler? what do I need to process the mango? where do I sell it?”.

So you see … it sounds like a very doable plan, that “you can” do!


2- “What if I fail?”

Exactly … What if you fail? So what? 9 out of each 10 new businesses tend to fail at first. You won’t be the first, nor the last. You only need to have patience for 9 more trials. Some of the most admirable success stories in the world, came after rather very embarrassing failures.

But then again, what if you didn’t fail?


3- “I will be judged if things don’t go right”

And you will be judged if things do go right as well, because this is what people do, watch and judge. So unless the person you’re worried about is your direct client, target client or investor, you have no business worrying about what they think.

So since you’re being judged anyway, you might as well do it!


4- “I don’t have the financial resources for it”

Well, not every successful business venture started with a few million dollars backup! If your idea is creative and has a solid executive plan; chances are you will be able to get some financing from different sources: a bank loan, an investor, crowdfunding, some state program that sponsors startups, a friend who’s willing to partner up, a supportive family member!!

Make sure you have a good idea and a good plan in place, be ready to be rejected a few times, then something or someone will show up on that front and make it happen!


5- “I don’t have experience in business management”

No one starts a new venture with the full experience in every aspect of running a business. You probably have knowledge in one or two aspects and will need help in others; and this is not a reason to shy away from the whole project! Getting help is the easiest thing these days: professional consultants are everywhere, the internet is an open source, Google is for free, you probably know a few friends who already started their own businesses, lawyers are everywhere and existing entrepreneurs would love nothing more than sharing their experience with you even if they don’t know you.

So get online, on your phone, on your list of friends and acquaintances and stop telling yourself experience is big issue!!


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