7 Inexpensive Beauty Products That Work Perfectly for Me

I have a thingy for luxurious skincare products! Well who doesn’t …

But let’s face it, we all have those inexpensive beauty products that will always be on our  counters, that we can’t do without and that no matter how much we buy expensive skincare, will forever be part of our daily routines because we simply know they work!

Below in this display, I am sharing with you 7 inexpensive beauty products that you can find in a supermarket, that you won’t pay over 10$ for and that truly truly work!

1- Nivea Detox Masks:

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I love the 1 Minute Urban Detox Masks from Nivea, they are 1 minute masks that are perfect to use on the dailies before my elaborate skincare routine to detox and purify the skin (Purify and Moisturize are my personal choices and I use them in a sequence).


2- Neutrogena Sheet Masks:

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I love Neutrogena sheet masks (especially Hydro Boost) and tend to use then once a week. They are very concentrated and provide about a week of treatment (depends on what you pick) in a 15 minutes mask!!


3- Johnson Baby Oil:

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Who doesn’t have this pink product on their counter?  Seriously, who? I still use it to lock moisture when I am having a quick shower and have no time to apply a moisturizing lotion after it.


4- Vaseline Cocoa Butter Range:

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Everything in the Vaseline range containing cocoa butter had been on my counter since the range was launched! The products smell great, are absorbed easily by the skin and moisturize deeply; and this is where they’ve gained points with me year after year. I always have at least one of the body moisturizing products  of the range on my counter.


5- Dove Soaps and Shower Gels:

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I am yet to find a soap or a shower gel that doesn’t give me the urge to use a moisturizer after washing my hands or taking a shower, but Dove. I always have Dove soaps on my sinks, and Dove shower gels in my showers because I feel it’s one of the few brands that work well with my tight timing on some days. Now I admit, I do not use soap on my face, but Dove is a brand I trust with my skin.


6- Garnier Ultra Doux Oil Blends Remedies in Avocado and Shea Butter:

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Honestly I was late to try this oil blend for my hair and I totally love it. I think I am on my third bottle now. I tend to use the blend as a mask and heat it a bit before showering and totally cleaning my hair. It’s slowly repairing my hair and I am pretty happy with the glossy effect I get after blow drying.


7- Pantene Oil Replacement:

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I use oil blends for my hair already, so this product is not for me to avoid using oils! However, it had always been my favorite overnight hair mask as well as my favorite hair conditioner all in one, and for years!! I’ve tried many hair masks, but I still find this product by Pantene as the perfect one for my daily use.


Here are the 7 inexpensive beauty products that I never let go of! What are yours, and why do you love them?



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