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PR Mistakes Companies Need to Avoid at all Costs With Public Figures

-The original article was published on my company’s website and you can find it here: The Luxury Makers

If you know influencers, socialites and public figures, then you’ve definitely heard them complaining about some PR firms and the many PR mistakes they keep committing. Sometimes, these mistakes are minor and could pass for slight errors; but some other times, they are repetitive and can totally tarnish the reputation of the PR firm and diminish its influence and bargain with public figures.

In this article, I am a pointing out some of the major mistakes some PR firms commit in their relations with public figures.


Emailing Press Releases:

Influencers and public figures are NOT interested in news and press releases. These people use their personal influence to promote brands, venues and lifestyles; so news that are not directly relevant to them personally are not of interest to them. Most, actually, delete press releases before even reading them. PR firms better keep those releases to the formal media.

-This one is my personal pet peeve-


Not Following Up On Invitations:

Some PR firms send invitations and do not follow them up with another email for confirmation or a phone call. This type of invitations tend to fall by the side, for they show a lack of interest in the presence of the public figure at the event; and public figures do not really like that. When PR firms send an email invitation to a public figure, they must follow it up with another email or a phone call.


Sending Impersonal Communication:

We all know those PR firms that send invitations and releases starting with “Dear media friends”, “Dear blogger”, “Dear friends” or just “Dear”. Well, public figures have a well earned ego and self worth, and will not accept not being addressed personally. If a company does not have the time to respect people enough to address them one by one; then PR is probably not its strong point. Needless to say, this type of invitations and other communications should and will be ignored.

-Another pet peeve of mine, but it’s more understandable regarding the volume of communications a PR firm has to handle sometimes-


Ignoring a Public Figure’s Interests:

Public figures receive tons of invitations and gifts every single day. The ones they are most likely to respond to and to feature, are those that are relevant to their area of interest and influence. A lot of PR firms do not categorize their public figures’ lists and approach these public figures with every single event they are PRing. This behavior shows that the PR firm didn’t even bother trying to get to know the public figure, and also display a lot of disrespect towards the personality in question.

-In contrast, look how a particular firm totally understood my love for champagne and sent an attached card with adjectives I often use in describing myself!! I loved it!!-


Discriminating Among Public Figures Invited to the Same Activation:

Now it’s a classic that some brands will want to collaborate with some influencers and not others, but discriminating among public figures called in to one activation is a mistake that will earn the PR firm the wrath of the public figures discriminated against. So when PR firms send out gifts then invite influencers to an event; they’d better send the same package to everyone. Moreover, when PR firms repost and highlight a certain collaboration; they’d better do it for all the influencers involved.


Not Minding a Public Figure’s Personal Preferences:

Public figures are just people after all; and people have personal preferences and personal rivalries. Some PR firms do not accommodate these preferences during events, which could result in mistreating the guest and getting him/her to withdraw. Worse yet, some PR firms do accommodate these preferences, but go on gossiping about the guest and his special requests to other guests. Both behaviors are ranked under poor PR skills and usually backfire on the company; since it’s a very connected industry where everybody knows everybody else.


-Overall, PR firms need to keep their work with influencers personal and confidential. This would be the best way to manage their relationship with influencers without any mishaps or misunderstandings- 


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