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Well … HELLO !!

My old blog “Fashionicia” had been my companion since December 2. 2012. Yes, 6 years ago, that almost free platform helped me creating everything I am today; and for that I’m forever grateful.

But it was time to say goodbye …  And to evolve into something that represents more what I’ve become today … From just a blogger who started writing small articles and sharing on social media, to a business owner currently working to establish her own company in the market … I have come a long way…

Somewhere along that way, in the last few months, I have stopped writing and producing content for my channels. Instead, I was just sharing life as it came. Setting up my company and taking care of business in Lebanon and abroad (mainly the UAE), kept me away from my influence life completely … but it was worth it. Even though I am not there yet, but successful businesses do not happen overnight.

However, I lately realized how much I’ve missed being online and sharing my experiences … And decided to start all over again through new content and rebranded channels.

I wasn’t going to let go of everything I have written and done for 6 years. This is why I transferred part of the content to this blog patriciaissa.com: Mainly the content that covers the last two years, and the content that stays timeless from the four years before that.

The new blog revolves around luxury, lifestyle, travel, motivation and my business life. And this time, it is less about what I am doing and more about what we can learn together. A huge part of my business life is also available through my company’s blog theluxurymakers.com !! So now you can follow these two websites for more about me and my business.

This transfer marks my return to the world of blogging and content sharing, but with a new face and theme. My new target audience is empowered women and entrepreneurs who are also stylish, fashionable and luxury lifestyle lovers.

Follow my new platforms here and on social media, so you stay updated  with the new content, because this time it’s less about me and more about you!

patricia issa lifestyle influencer


My New Channels:

The Website: www.patriciaissa.com

Instagram: @pattheyissa

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pattheyissa

Twitter: @pattheyissa

Let’s ship this new journey together…


patricia issa lifestyle influencer


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