Let’s Misbehave

I did it on purpose, I do everything on purpose, faux pas aren’t my thing.

So what about you take your victorian prude attitude and try to sell it somewhere where it actually, possibly, might have some value???

My say:

So I decided to break the mold for a moment; sue me!
I do not believe in staying in the comfort zone; because the exciting happens right above its borders.
I do not believe in adopting a “safe” approach all the time; you stay safe, I am out to venture.
I do not believe in the rules. I actually believe most of you are eager to break them, but wouldn’t dare.
I do not believe in being a fake prude to gain the title of “lady”; a lady is above all “real” and “non judgmental”. You be the lady, I’m after a “daredevil” title.
I do not believe in my grandma’s fashion sense, I pretty much belong to today, and I believe that this era has something to give.
I do not care for your “happy go lucky” quotes and attitude; we both know they’re not real. (I respect though a very few who actually apply them)
I do not care for what you think; I’ve made myself from scratch and a couple attitudes will never shake what I did so far.
I do not believe in your perfectly drawn online images, oh the hypocrisy, ohh the lies, ohhhhh the fakes.
And above all, I will never ever ever abide by your rules and definitions; you feel free strutting in high heels in a perfectly drawn cage; I am in my biker boots out on my motorcycle.

I could say much more, but I am not spending one extra minute on this while I have a lot of misbehaving to do.


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