On The Art of Simplicity

Simplicity is key, and this art of simplicity is something that some fashionistas ace, while other still need a couple of tweaks and turns to get.

I have to admit that the art of being simple for me, can be credited directly to my laziness (mostly); then to my disdain for cumbersome extra frills. But at the same time, it can be credited to the fact that my brain can never link overdone with beautiful, in any possible way.

When I look around me, I see too much of being too much: Full makeup by day, strong makeup colors, nail design (people still do that???), wearing more than 2-3 layers, over-accessorizing (and don’t get me started on over-accessorizing, you really really really do not have to wear every single gold piece you have), and trying to wear the whole closet because it is prestigious to look like you own brands. Too much. And no, not pretty. This is why I developed the exact opposite attitude towards fashion and beauty.

Now for being “too much”, please feel free to do all the above mentioned atrocities. But to be simple, follow the below five rules:

(I’ve written about how to be simple and trendy before, but those are extra rules I haven’t mentioned in the earlier article). 

1- Focus on one trend per look, one trend! Two at best, if one is bold and the other more subtle.

2- Recognize the power of monochromes. Really. So unless colors are put in a perfectly homogeneous pattern, stick to monochromes.

3- Going out by day means no over the top bling bling, even if you are going to a wedding. There are fashion rules for daylight and others for nighttime. I am not trying to say that you cannot wear jewelry or metallic pieces; I am just saying that if you look like a reflective solar panel, cut down the shine.

4- A very good bet is to allow yourself 3 accessories (a scarf, a cuff and rings; for example), and cut it at that.

5- And your very best bet is to look at the mirror once you’re completely done styling yourself; then remove whatever can be removed without affecting the look. Now how can you recognize this item? It carries a subtle “too much” vibe to it and you will recognize it with one look.

In the below look, I looked at the mirror and removed a golden headpiece and the golden chain necklace (you see it in the picture, but not on me). My hands were full of accessories and action was happening on the lower part of the dress, so I chose to keep the upper body super simple.

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Let me know what you think? And what is “too much” for you, when it comes to style!!

Glamorously Yours;


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