How to Get Super Hard Nails

We all love having long hard nails and that fabulous full manicure. However most people do get weak and brittle nails; or end up with a nail or two breaking throughout trying to get there. So how do you get long and hard nails?

I will tell you a secret; nails are not eternally bound to a certain condition; because they are directly affected by your health and external conditions.

If you are following my page; then you already noticed I have long hard nails and a full manicure done all the time; first they are my real nails, second yes it takes effort!

Here are my 5 tips, if you want nails like mine:
1- Keep your fingers out of your mouth, at any price!! And yes I know we all tend to peel layers off of our nails or peel the nail polish. Just, don’t.

2- Never leave your nails totally naked during the day; have at least a layer of vitaminated base quote.

3- Avoid excessive water; so if you are washing the dishes or doing the laundry or so, do wear gloves.

4- Avoid keeping your nails undone for a long time; nails should be exposed to the air and the sun once in a while (a day per week or so); but having them filed and fully done will also help protect them.

5- Use a high quality base coat with minerals, vitamins and essentially calcium at all times under your nail polish and on the days where you are not wearing any.


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