How to Add a Touch of Glamour to your Life

We are all guilty of spending precious time on Instagram, stalking and watching glamorous people, socialites, influencers and stars. Deep inside, we all want a bite of that, no matter how much we try to gloss it or conceal it. Years after joining the lifestyle & media industries; I still envy the people who manage to look glamorous every single day, and still wonder how do they find this kind of time and energy!

Yet, my time in the industry taught me one precious lesson: Everything is a habit. Glamour too, is a habit. And you can always start with what you have, start small, and build it up. Before you even know it, you’re there, effortlessly.

No one can be glamorous all the time, but here are the 10 small ways/habits you can use to start your more glamorous lifestyle today, with minimal effort:

1- You shower and dry your hair anyway, so style it at once; and learn to keep it styled day to day. Never walk out with your hair a mess, unless your natural curls (or hair style) is particularly well put together. For those no-time times, make sure you own a few hair accessories and head pieces that can double as glamorous additions. No matter how your hair looks, remember that extra fuzz is your enemy.

2- I can never preach it enough: Your nails are everything!! So whether you like them long or short, dark or light; make sure you dedicate 30 minutes a week to keep them in good shape and neatly polished. If you do not have the time to change your nail color frequently, deep red and pinkish nude are both classy and glamorous. Remember it is better to walk out without nail polish, than in shipped and peeled nail polish.

3- Makeup makeup makeup! And no I do not mean you have to walk out with a caked face to be glamorous; but learning makeup basics is key. Learn how to apply your 10 minutes daily makeup; and to make it glamorous, emphasize your eyebrows, lashes and cheekbones. If your skin’s imperfections are concealed, and you look like you have a healthy glow with sultry eyes; it’s good enough. Dark eye circles and blemishes are the devil here. Oh and eyeliner is your bestie.

4- No one ever looks glamorous with bad skin, so invest in a good cleanser and day/night creams. This section states the obvious, but I always have to highlight that it’s better to invest in your skin than in your makeup.

5- When it comes to your outfit, one piece can actually make the difference between dull and glamorous; no need to go over the top. This is why I recommend that you add one glamorous piece to your daily outfit. Here are your options: a strong color, a weird pattern, metallics, big accessories, unusual cuts or unfamiliar textures. Your enemy here is excess: one is perfect, two might look good, three is excess.

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6- A glamorous lifestyle, also covers things that you use and display frequently; this is why make sure you are as neat as possible with a touch of style. So make sure the following things are always stylish and in perfect conditions: your phone case, your tablet, your laptop, your key-chain, your coffee cup, your car … you know where I am going with it. I am not trying to tell you that you need to buy the latest Range Rover to look glamorous; but you definitely need to keep your car in a good condition; and so the rest of your items that are on constant display.

7- You shop anyway, so make it a habit to include a glamorous item or two every time you go out shopping. It can be as big as a colored dress or as small as a bracelet.

8- No glamorous lady ever neglects her perfume. So make sure you have one noticeable perfume for the day and another for the night. Here I recommend you go for stronger perfumes; call me biased, but I believe perfume is the first thing that should be noticeable about someone stylish.

9- Your spaces too are a part of your glamour, so invest some time once a while in making your home a nicely decorated space and frequent glamorous places to recharge your glam vibe. Being around certain people and places will naturally encourage you to look more glamorous and this tends to be a perfect recipe for lazy girls like me!

10- Finally, and yes it’ll sound cheesy and over-used, but glamour is an attitude. So chin up, smile, sway your hips, and do not let anyone catch you in a moment of insecurity!

Glamorously Yours; 



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