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A little over a year till turning 30, and an eternal fear of ageing; mean nothing but stressing over how to reverse the time and gain some of that early twenties glow back. And I know it’s not only me, millions of women all around the world are in constant search of an effective anti-aging solution; with the most skin conscious among them, starting as early as 25 to prevent the earlier signs of aging.

Most of us, do not really have a scientific idea of how the process of ageing goes, nor how to prevent it adequately. But at the same time, most of us understand that the keyword of the whole topic is “collagen“.  For our most basic of knowledge, we must, at all cost, preserve our skin capital of collagen in order to stay young and fresh looking. This basic knowledge comes from the advertising world, which stresses the “collagen” treatment, with every new anti-ageing marketing introduction. But what is the real importance of collagen? When do we start taking notice of it? What is the best way to preserve it in the skin? Are all brands of collagen based products equal? Do they truly respond to the collagen deficiency problem? And what is the best and most effective / technically advanced choice under these terms?


One Keyword: Collagen

Collagen is the most important structural protein in the skin. “Structural” means that it is directly relevant to the “structure” of the skin, which we can visually understand as firmness and smoothness. This is why, the loss of collagen over time, causes loss of structure or “sagging” and  loss of smoothness or “wrinkles”. This is why, preserving the collagen capital of the skin, is one of the keys to keeping it young. In fact, after the age of 25, collagen production in the skin starts decreasing; and we start observing early signs of aging.

The concept is simple, want to stay young? Find the best way to preserve and increase the amount of collagen in your skin.

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“Natural Collagen Inventia” a Scientific Innovation Pioneering Anti-Ageing Collagen Cures

There’s a lot of collagen products on the market, for the answer about collagen had been available for some time now. However, not all products are equal. Besides market and branding differences; scientific excellence and innovation set a few products apart when it comes to efficiency. “Natural Collagen Inventia” is currently one of the top collagentreatments, in terms of efficiency, scientific innovation, concentration and quality of ingredients. Patented innovations and cutting edge research; make it a top choice when it comes to anti-ageing skincare:


1- “Natural Collagen Inventia” is one of the most concentrated products on the market. In effect, the product features a 90% collagen concentration against a 50% industry average, which translates into double effectiveness and shorter times to results.


2- The collagen in “Natural Collagen Inventia” is extracted from fish scales (skin) (safe and natural, not bovine nor porcine). In addition, it is formulated in the smallest size molecule. This feature of Inventia’s collagen allows a quick and full absorption by the skin. Lab tests revealed a 90% absorption rate, which is rare in the skincare industry.


3- One of the most important key features of “Natural Collagen Inventia” is its patented “Triple Helix Formula”. In non-scientific terms, this means that the collagen, is formulated chemically to match the texture of the human collagen and adapt to it. This formula means that “Natural Collagen Inventia” works on your skin deeply by replicating its collagen’s molecular composition.


4-“Natural Collagen Inventia’s” range is one of the simplest to use; because it is meant to become an organic part of your day, made up of a facial wash, day cream, night cream, eye cream, a peeling cream and a mask. The formula is universal, can be used on any skin type and as of 25 years of age. Used early enough, “Natural Collagen Inventia” can prevent signs of aging and delay substantially the need for drastic treatments.


5- Besides being very concentrated and double effective. “Natural Collagen Inventia” promises results is as short as 15 days of use. Within 2 weeks, the first effects on the skin start showing: tighter feel, uniform skin color, moisture and most importantly “50% less wrinkles”. The longer term effects start building up at an even pace, with continuous use.


My Personal Experience with “Natural Collagen Inventia”

It is easy to talk about a brand when you are trying to say just about anything to sell it. However, few brands have the audacity to allow people to experience and talk freely; or the confidence to claim you will be amazed within the first two weeks!

I’ve tried “Natural Collagen Inventia” for two weeks and below is my honest feedback so far. Later on, I will be sharing with you the opinions of a few friends and influencers who are currently trying it!!

By the time these words are out, I’ll be able to supply a much deeper review of the “Natural Collagen Inventia” anti-ageing range. But for this time, my whole focus is on testing the short term (2 weeks) effect, because it is the timeline of one of the highest claims a brand can make: 50% less wrinkles in 2 weeks.

I started using the “Natural Collagen Inventia” as advised by the company professionals, and to be honest, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t doubting the claim. Moreover, I do not really have deep wrinkles, and already have good skin. However, close to 30, I definitely do have early signs of aging around my eyes, and my skin is not as plumped and fresh.

The immediate thing I felt after using the day/night creams and under eye cream, was that the formula was absorbed quickly by the skin, and didn’t leave any greasy residuals -a problem people with combination or oily skin (like me) usually worry about-. The products leave the skin “instantly” more replenished, and feeling comfortable. Fans of makeup like me will be happy to know that they can apply their daily makeup a few minutes after using their “Natural Collagen Inventia” day cream. I personally tend to do my skincare routine, have breakfast, then apply my makeup; but even on days I was in a hurry, applying makeup a few minutes after the day cream wasn’t a problem. Extra tip: The day cream is extra moisturizing, so you do not really need to add any makeup base/primer under it.

And if a two weeks claim sounds farfetched for you, wait until you hear about the overnight effect. In fact, the overnight effect of the range will surprise you. I personally woke up the next day with the areas around my eyes and lips feeling very replenished and much smoother, and the rest of my face radiant; as if I had a long 12 hours night sleep! The fine lines around my eyes were still there, just much less visible, just like the aftermath of a spa day or a long night sleep or skin detox!

I was so pleased with the immediate effect, that I got too eager to see if “Natural Collagen Inventia” will truly live up to its 2 weeks promise; so I kept using it religiously.

Two weeks down the line, the effects of having used “Natural Collagen Inventia” started showing through small details. I do not really have “wrinkles” to be able to tell if 50% of them were gone, but I clearly observed the following: The fine lines around my eyes disappeared by a good 60-70%, and those around my lips by about 50%. My makeup started sitting smooth on my face all day long, without my concealer creasing or my foundation settling into any expression lines. Makeup was what made me notice that my early expression lines were magically erased!! Besides my very early fine lines and wrinkles, my skin looked smoother, more even, and more “full” as if it was injected with some extra layer of volume. My lips too! Extra tip: I run the creams on my lips as well!

As of the first two weeks, I became so proud of my even smooth skin, that I started using less foundation, concealer and color correctors! To be really honest, the effect around my eyes was what impressed me the most, as it was my only early problem area!!

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Verdict and Recommendation:

After my two weeks trial of “Natural Collagen Inventia” and the above review, you’ve guessed I will recommend the range. But allow me to recommend it thrice:

1- I highly recommend “Natural Collagen Inventia” for everyone who already has wrinkles and would like to see them effectively disappearing starting two weeks of use.

2- I highly recommend the range for everyone who doesn’t have pronounced wrinkle yet, but can still observe early signs of ageing and skin fatigue.

3- I also recommend “Natural Collagen Inventia” for everyone above 25, for it is one of the best preventive cures against skin ageing, loss of firmness and wrinkles. Prevention is always better than having to repair damages; this is why I highly recommend starting with your collagen cure as early as 25 years old.

If you see me unusually confident in my recommendations, and not the slightest bit worried; it is because I’ve already seen results I swear by, and am sure will be hearing a lot of thank you-s from many of my readers!


Where can you find the “Natural Collagen Inventia” range and how to get in touch?

The whole range of “Natural Collagen Inventia” is available in Lebanon, across major pharmacies! It is also available online through feel22.com (you can get yourself a 10% discount if you use my code FASHIONICIAFEEL22)!!

To stay connected with “Natural Collagen Inventia”, follow their Facebook Page, and new Instagram Page.

And stay tuned to the upcoming feature with more personal testimonials from people who tried and tested over this time!


Glamorously Yours;

Forever Young;



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