Answering The Ten Fashion & Beauty Questions I Get The Most

I get a lot of fashion and beauty questions through emails, messaging and personal encounters in events. In effect, most people know that I rarely stage my social media sharing, and most of my photos are real life photos; for business takes up all my time and I have no time to do photoshoots or spend too much time on content creation. With all the downsides of not doing this on full time basis, and not dedicating enough time for content creation; not being too “staged” earned me some credibility in terms of real life reference. This is why, I am always more than happy to give advice and share. This is also why, a lot of my articles are value oriented, hoping to share something useful with my readers.

In this article, I’ll be answering the top 10 fashion, beauty and lifestyle questions I keep getting. I’ve only picked the ones that can benefit everyone, so please forgive my aversion to excess curiosity!!

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1- You don’t have a clearly defined style, why is that?

No I don’t, nor should you. Fashion in meant to be playful, to respond to our moods and help us embody our vision of the moment; all of the latter can change by the day. One day I want to feel feminine and girly, the next I want to feel powerful and threatening; and I believe my and your wardrobes should be able to respond accordingly. Never limit yourself in a “type” or “style”.

2- What do you do to look good in outfit photos, knowing you’re voluptuous?

I dress for my size, pick poses that compliment my body, and try to highlight my strong points and conceal the rest. No nuclear science there.

“Fashion is supposed to compliment me; not the other way around”, this is my fashion mantra.

3- Why don’t you do fashion shoots?

Because I have a business to run, and I don’t have this kind of time. And because I believe my blog / influence should follow my life, not the other way around. But I’d totally do features for brands while including them in real looks. I believe real use makes a stronger case for fashion brands.

arab fashion influencers


4- What’s your favorite beauty brand?

I don’t have a favorite beauty brand, I have brands I trust that tend to release amazing products once a while. The truth is, there is no brand that will be perfect for everyone. My beauty counter is a mix of great products from different brands, just like everyone else.

One thing though, I never endorse a product I do not use. So if I recommend it, I’ve tried and loved it, and you’ll see it in random pictures or stories, or in my bag.

5- Where did you learn to do your own makeup, it’s usually perfect.

Trial and error over Youtube. Forever. Really.

6- Your hair is always either natural or straight, why don’t you try something else?

I am lazy. I hate the plastic hair effect that most hair styling products leave behind. And my hairstyles never last more than 20 minutes anyway.

7- Your skin is almost flawless, how do you do that?

If we discount the scars, yes it is, most of the time. I am obsessed with keeping my skin young and flawless. Honestly I think I fear ageing or something.

It’s simple, I drink 3 liters of water per day and never skip my daily skincare routines that are based on cleansing and moisturizing. I also use very heavy moisturizers and anti-aging creams by night; and dedicate several hours on the weekend to get my facials done.

I also get facials done when I am working from home, and sleep like a polar bear.

arab fashion influencers

Lifestyle & Beyond:

8- You keep saying you’re busy, what do you do?

Well, a lot of consulting projects and setting up my own business. Which means working at night some days, and leading back to back meetings on other days. That, without mentioning having to fly for some projects, and usually at a very short notice.

9- You do not attend all events nor mingle with everyone; why is that?

When it comes to events, I attend when I am in the country, when I have the time, and when I believe that there’s value added. Gone are the days where brands can except influencers to be overly excited about events; the bubble effect is bursting and everything is becoming more selective and customized.

Mingling with everyone was never my thing, I am very selective and I do not see value in being overly exposed. I do not depend on anyone for exposure, PR, and social climbing; like I’ve seen some do. I don’t owe anyone anything and that is my superpower.

10-We know nothing about your personal life. Why is that?

I do not have plans to sell the privacy of my family, my better half, or anyone who does not have a choice like kids in the family or anyone else (except my dog, he likes it). I also believe that capitalizing on my personal life and the people in it is a very very very cheesy thing to do. If I can’t influence people with my opinions and articles (and soon business), I might as well bow out.

So, here are the ten questions I keep hearing, answered! Hoping I’ve been convincing enough!

Glamorously Yours;


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