When was the Last Time you had an Eye Opening Experience?

When was the last time you had an eye opening experience? An awakening? An event that shook you to the core and changed things within you, so deep that you couldn’t believe how influencing one event can be?

We all encounter things, people and events that turn out life changing. No rules here, these things are prone to happen at any phase of life, to people from all walks of life. And if you stay very open and flexible, you’ll be able to catch these instances more often than if you don’t.

We are all, in a measure, self absorbed; and these experiences allow us to open up and connect to the world around us; to see and feel things differently, and to become more objective and fair in our perception and treatment of things.

This eye opening experience, can be a simple question…

Away from diving deeper into abstractions, I will bring this writing into concrete life through a series of questions you can ask yourself, in order to turn around your thinking and open up your horizons:

1- Am I being active or passive in life situations?

2- Is life happening to me, or am I making it happen?

3- Is there any options I am not considering due to my emotional involvement?

4- Am I wrong? Or relatively wrong? Is this a misunderstanding?

5- Is X ahead of me because of what they do better? How can I bridge this lack? Do I need to hate   X, or work on myself instead?

6- Is my ego keeping me from my happiness? Am I my worst enemy?

7- Am I forgiving enough with myself? Am I fair to my self-esteem?

8- Do I recognize I am supposed to be unique? Or am I holding myself to other people’s standards?

9- What is my main weakness? Do I recognize it? Am I working on it? Or am I shielding it with ego and denial, while it keeps pulling me back?

10- Did that person hurt me on purpose? Were they forced to do what they do? What if they had their own perception? What if they had no choices? What if their own weakness took over them?

11- Do I know the difference between being motivated and being reckless?

12- Do I know that my emotions are products of my thoughts, and that I can change them at a moment’s notice? Do I know nature gave me more control than what I am aware of?

13- Are anger and fear main drivers in my life? Can I trick them to the back seat?

14- Do I recognize that stress and anxiety do not change the future, but only prevent me from enjoying the present?

15- Am I working out and dieting because I love my body? Or because I hate it? And do I recognize the deep difference between the negative and positive motivators?

16- Do I know how to create my own print? Or is my self-esteem suffering because I’m short of perfectly copying some other definition of beauty, success, or happiness?

17- Do I appreciate the fact that people show love and affections in different ways? Or do I only recognize love when it is given to me the same way I give it?

18- Do I make a lot of assumptions? Do I recognize that most of my assumptions are just that, “assumptions”? Do I know that assumptions can be correct, but most probably aren’t? Do I know assumptions distort my perceptions of everything?

19- Do I know how closed v/s open is my thought process? Do I know how inclusive v/s exclusive it is? Consequently, am I sure I’m not only entertaining the thoughts that agree with my current mental repertoire?

20- And the biggest eye opening experience of all, always comes to me under one question: Am I unconsciously resisting change?

Asking myself each of these questions, opened my eyes to truths and facts my ego shielded by denial, was pushing away. Truths that allowed me to maintain a very open perspective of things, to conquer situations motivated by endless possibilities, and to stay in the now.

I am not writing this article for me, nor to look smart and intellectual. I know these things, even though I fail to apply them sometimes. But I never stop trying. I am writing this article for you. Because I love to share the things that deeply affected me positively, hoping I can share some of these breakthrough moments with whomever is receptive to some positive brain tickling.

Glamorously Yours;


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