14 Days to Stronger Nails with HEROME

Imagine having those strong nails, that do not chip, do not break and can be shaped anyway you like, whenever you want. Imagine you do not have to wear any nail tips, gel, shellac or any other type of fake nails. Now imagine having soft transparent cuticles you do not even have to remove, and super soft hands every day.

Having chipping or weak nails means frequent breakage, which also means having to keep short nails or resorting to fake nails, a time and money consuming solution that can be very impractical for busy girls. Moreover, dried cuticles and dry skin means frequent professional manicures and a lot of time spent healing the skin and smoothing the edges of the nails before attempting to apply any nail polish.

If all of this sounds too familiar, then it is probably time to heal and strengthen your natural nails and permanently give yourself a time saving, cost saving, and trouble saving at-home nail detox. A nail detox is a program that will help your natural nails become unbreakable, while giving you perfectly shaped soft cuticles and much softer hands within 2 weeks.

Herome, the renowned best seller and top quality Dutch brand, has a two weeks nail detox program that I’ve come to swear by! Let me start by telling you more about the Herome Nail Detox program, then what it can do to you!


The Herome Nail Detox program is a simple three steps process to be repeated over 2 weeks, a step to strengthen the nails, a step to soften the cuticles and a step to peel and moisturize your hands using natural ingredients:

Step 1: Herome One Minute Manicure

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Rich in vitamin A, C & E this natural hand scrub is based on sea salt and essential oils. All you need to do is to shake it well, and apply a small quality on your wet hands, then massage it in circular motions and proceed to rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry your hands. This product will leave your hands super soft, dead-skin free, moisturized for hours and non-greasy! It will also engulf your hands with a soft citrusy long lasting perfume! Moreover, it works on your nails in the same time, nourishing them and leaving you with much softer cuticles.

Personal Input: I love using this product because it’s the most instantaneous thing I’ve ever did! Within a minute, I have my hands exactly how I want them: soft, moisturized, and well prepped!

This step is to be repeated once per week or every ten days, as it includes peeling, which shouldn’t be performed every day.


Step 2: Herome Cuticle Night Repair

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Dry and cracked cuticles are a serious problem for a lot of us. It is also why we have to go through professional manicures frequently to remove them. But if you had soft transparent cuticles, you wouldn’t even have to remove them! The Cuticle Night Repair by Herome does exactly that. It gives you softer and more manageable cuticles, by nourishing them with a formula of aloe vera, almond oil, shea butter and other active ingredients; it can transform your cuticles within a few days. All you have to do is to push on the back of the pen, and lightly brush the concentrated serum on your cuticles. This product will give you super soft cuticles in just a few days, and will also nourish your nails. Your cuticles will soften, blend in, and you will soon stop needing to remove them.

Personal Input: I love The Cuticle Night Repair by Herome because it saves me the pain for dry cuticles and having to remove my cuticles to start with. My manicure became a much shorter process since: color and go! This product starts delivering results right away and builds up results; which is perfect over the detox period.

This step should be repeated everyday, before going to bed for a better absorption.


 Step 3: Herome Nail Hardener Strong or Extra Strong

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This is the key product in the mix, this nail hardener by Herome is the holly grail for long, strong, and unbreakable nails. Infused with concentrated agents that prevent damage, recreate a strong outer layer and bridge gaps in the nail; this hardener actually gives you the nails of your dreams in 2 weeks. The product is truly strong, this is why it is recommended to repeat this treatment only twice a year. If you absolutely need to, you can use nail color and top coat, while using this Herome hardener as a base coat. Yet, I highly recommend keeping the nails bare during the detox period.

Herome hardener exists in Strong or Extra Strong, depending on the condition and needs of your nails.

And it also exists in soft, particularly recommended for pregnant women!

Personal Input: If I am to pick one Herome product to use only, it would be this one. Honestly, this hardener delivers what it promises. In two weeks, my nails became unbreakable, which means I can finally put them in the coffin shape I truly covet! Even the tips of the nails, have become strong enough to be given a pointy shape without fear of breakage!

Now this product comes under a regular nail polish format, but has a special mode of use:

-On day 1: Apply one layer of the hardener.

-On day 2: Apply a second layer of the hardener on top of the first layer.

-On day 3: Remove both layers using gentle acetone and restart the process.

Repeat the cycle 7 times, covering 14 days.

Now it wasn’t easy having to remove my nail polish and put it back every single day, this is why it is better to reserve nail polish to the days where you absolutely need it. And the results I got were absolutely worth the trouble!!


The Three Herome Detox Products:
Now you must be wondering about the daily process of this detox. All you have to do is to repeat this two days process, seven times:

Day 1: One Minute Manicure –> Cuticle Night Repair –> Nail Hardener (first layer)

Day 2: Cuticle Night Repair –> Nail Hardener (second layer)

Then after day 2 you remove the hardener as previously indicated, and restart the process. Don’t forget to use the One Minute Manicure only once per week or 10 days.



Those who know me, or follow me here and on social media, know I always have perfectly manicured nails all the time, but they also know that I alternate a lot between short and long nails, because when I break a nail I tend to cut them all. People like me, with colored nails all the time, also tend to have yellow nails, and chipping nails because of the acetone abuse. This detox program by Herome fixed all three problems for me. I never had serious issues with my cuticles, but their shape and texture definitely improved a lot; so chances are I will never remove them again. I am currently planning on repeating this nail detox by Herome probably once per season to make sure my hands and nails stay healthy.


Glamorously Yours;



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