5 Reasons Your Style is Important

Style is important, it is definitely the key word of the century. Everyone is following style icons, fashionistas, influencers, exotic stylists, “outfit of the day’ blogs, style blogs, celebrity stylists and fashion bloggers. And most often than not, they are more interested in personal style than in conceptual styling.

From my personal point of view, personal style is important. This is why I have my radar up all the time making sure I am scanning and mentally saving every single personal style that catches my eye; more on the street than on the catwalk!

Here are the 5 reasons why style is very important, and why you should start working on your personal style:

1- Style gets you noticed. Yes even more than your beauty; beauty have become a little too standardized, style is something you can still play with to turn heads.

2- Style is power. You can look quite powerful and imposing if you know how to pull the style correctly. It will make your arrival everywhere a totally new experience for you.

3- Style is expression. Your mood or your desires can be easily expressed through your style. Feeling like “please don’t talk to me” go vamp; feeling like “in a flirty mood, let’s chit chat” go pastel romantic.

4-Style is mood management: Not only can style allow you to express your moods or thoughts, but also to change them. Feeling a little shaky? A nicely styled outfit can easily shift your mood to power, glamour or zen.

5- Style is people management. You will be amazed about how easily you will be able to manage people’s behavior around you; how you can convey a silent message and get them to react according. Pretty mean ?

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