How to Pick the Correct Pair of Heels

It’s been a while since I posted a tutorial on my blog. I’ve missed useful posts!

I get a lot of questions about my heels, especially that I tend to pick 13cm+ heels all the time and actually can walk in them (on straight floor at least, they’re not made for hiking).

So, I am putting up this tutorial in order to help all of you sky-high heels lovers in picking your next pair; that assuming you’re interested in a reasonable compromise between comfy and sky-sexy, for this is the only option out there.


Below, are the ten scientific and feel-good tips I use when I pick my own high heels; hoping they can help you as well:


1- Don’t expect to be fully comfortable in a 10cm+ even if it’s a wedge. Always keep your expectation under the “minimum damage” headline.


2- Make sure the heel is solid enough, no matter how thin or thick. It shouldn’t be moving at the base nor completely immovable.


3- You should be feeling the pressure at the center of your heel, not on any single side or the back (even if the heel is of a straight design toward the outer corner of the foot).


4- If you feel any sort of pain once you wear it, drop it. Heels are supposed to hurt in a few hours, not straight away.


5- If the sole is too thin, drop it; it will hurt you at the front.


6- If your toes are curled, drop it; it will hurt you twice as much as the previous one.


7- For sandals, if the straps are too loose or too tight; drop it; you won’t be able to walk in the first and the second will give you itchy burns then ugly scars.


8- For shoes with high platforms; make sure the platforms are slightly curved. Both flat platforms and overly curvy platform will cause you to lose balance.


9- Don’t let the comfy look of the wedged heels fool you. They are not all comfortable. They can hurt more than spiked heels if your foot is not completely comfortable inside.


10- And when all else fails, you can always bear the pain and blame it on the insanely luxurious sky-high heels!


Glamorously Yours;


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