7 Tips to Upgrade an All Lace Outfit

Besides lace dresses, few are the times I find myself wearing an all lace outfit. It is probably the case for most ladies, before Instagram made small lace crop tops and knee length skirts pretty popular.

I find lace very sexy, this is why styling lace outfits tends to be a very delicate balance. When you decide to wear a full outfit of lace, it is very important to keep the rest of the look very simple; except if you’re intending the Dolce & Gabbanaextravaganza. If the lace in the outfit is very revealing, it becomes even more important to style it in a way that keeps the overall look elegant, as it risks becoming cheap.

Here are seven styling tips to upgrade your all lace outfit, just like I did in Batiste London‘s private dinner at The Westin – Dubai:

1- Add a jacket on your shoulders. Leather is an option, a classic blazer in a neutral color is another.

2- Keep your hair simple and un-accessorized.

3- Keep the look at a maximum of two colors, and preferably with minimal or no patterns.

4- Makeup for such a look should be understated and single focused. I would personally focus either on cat eyes or a sexy pout.

5- Accessories are better be bold, simply cut, and minimal.

6- Your choice of bags and shoes should also stay simple, no platforms, no complex material, and no patterns. Colors must also respect and match the colors of the outfit.

7- Finally, make sure the lace outfit is not too revealing; and know where to draw the line between sexy and -no offense- trashy.

Below is an example of how I styled my all lace outfit lately! Let me know what you think, and how would you style yours?

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influencers lebanon


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