Five Good Reasons You Should Be Using Lexy Nail Couture

When I was younger, I used to bite my nails (not a very proud story, but you can read it HERE); but when I turned 18 and with a little help, I stopped and actually started taking extra care of my nails. Since then, my nails have been extra long, always well maintained, and manicured 24/7.

Being one of those people who almost talk with their hands,  I am on the constant lookout for newer and better nail polishes that feature the following characteristics: high quality, long wear, high shine, skin & nails friendly, luxurious, and of course glamorous and fashionable in terms of colors.

Of late I was introduced to Lexy Cosmetics | Nail Couture nail polishes, which I reviewed briefly before (HERE). But that previous time, I hadn’t tried the colored nail polishes; but rather only the base and top coats. This time though, I got to try out the whole range and here are five reasons why I love it:

  1. High quality: There’s nothing I love more than nail polishes that are of a light consistency, yet of a dense color payoff. Lexy colors are indeed very light and easily spreadable. One coat will almost completely deliver the needed color, and two coats will not even get thick. Quality is everything, and Lexy Cosmetics nail polishes definitely meet the high quality standard.
  2. Long wear: Long wear is very important to me, because I don’t have the time to redo my nails every 4 days. Using Lexy nail colors along with Lexy top coat lasts for about 10 days; with one top coat retouching to keep the shine about day 5.
  3. Super shine: Using Lexy nail polishes and top coat gave me almost a week of shiny nails. However if you tend to use your hands a lot and the shine wears off, you can reapply top coat and you’ve got yourself an extra 4-5 days before the nail grows and needs a new manicure.
  4. Nail friendly: What is really important to me is not finding my nails weak and yellowish after nail polish removal. This is one problem Lexy handles well through providing base coats with nail whiteners and hardeners. I tend to alternate between different base coats every time I change colors. Lexy base coats are also of a very thin texture, and will not thicken your nails.
  5. Luxury: Well I am definitely a person who’s impressed with luxurious display, this is why I love the black and glass cubic packaging. What makes Lexy nail polish feel even more luxurious, is the fact that the glass container is heavy for its size. Very few brands think of that, and an extra point from this luxury consultant.

Final verdict for Lexy Cosmetics | Nail Couture: Highly recommend, especially if you’re 24/7 manicured.

Extra surprise: You can order your Lexy Nail Polish from; and get them delivered anywhere in Lebanon within 24-48 hours; at a 10% DISCOUNT if you use my code at checkout: FASHIONICIAFEEL22

Glamorously Yours;



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