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Happy Mothers’ Day Though

Let me start by saying that these mothers’ days and fathers’ days are not exactly my favorites. There’s something I do not exactly appreciate about the guilt trip I put myself on, on each of these occasions.


Because, simply, none of us feels what they’re doing for their parents is ever enough. I, in particular, was always the kid who wanted to be left alone: I don’t live at home. I like doing things myself. I rarely ask for a second opinion. And I barely acknowledge any authority.

Over and above, I question people. I question taboos. I question society. I question values. I question traditions. And I question God.  And most often than not… I end up with conclusions no one wants to hear. The conclusions people know, but never dare to share. But I share.

I always had my own mind, and always did things to reflect the opposite of what’s expected from me as a girl and a daughter. I challenged the family, society, religion, and the whole system of traditions we live in; very very early in life.

I come from two extremely conservative families… And I’ve done an outstanding job embarrassing both of them; being liberal, rogue, and pretty loud about it.

And for that, I’ve been called “strong” in the negative sense as you can imagine it…

And for that too, I’ve risked disappointing my parents, especially my mom, many many many times.

Worse yet, I cannot see myself stopping this behavior any soon.

So for putting up with having another hot headed strong woman day in and day out, for accepting the challenge of raising a rogue child, and for loving the blackest sheep around …. Thank you mama!

Happy Mothers’ Day…


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