How to Save Time on Styling Yourself

So you have this one big event coming up and the last thing you want is to lose time on styling yourself or to get lost in your wardrobe mess at the very last minute as you are getting dressed. The latter, is just one example women face while working on their style! And it doesn’t only happen before events, but also every single days for the ladies who need to look well styled and formal for their jobs.


This is why, I am sharing with you a few tips I learned, to save time and mess while styling yourself: 

1- Make sure your room, or walk in closet are as tidy as can be, always. Nothing can clutter your mind while styling yourself as an untidy place.

2- Select your full outfit the night before, and make sure every single piece is clean, ironed and great-smelling. Make sure your shoes are clean inside out too.

3- Select the underwear you need as well, and make sure you try them out with the outfit; an underwear mistake can cause a fashion faux pas at the worst time.

4- Select your bag/clutch and accessories and make sure they’re all clean, and that the buckles are all functional.

5- If you are having your own makeup done, select all the products you will be using starting from the concealer and foundation down to the lip tint; and decide which products you will be carrying for touch ups. Select your perfume for the day or the event, and have it ready too.

6- Make sure your hair and nails’ are done ahead of time so you don’t end up running errands at the last moment. In daily working life, this translates into having your hair washed and dried the night before; nails manicured earlier in the week.

7- Put everything you need near the mirrors, and at an arm’s reach, clearly visible; so you won’t have to move around a lot while dressing up.


That, when it comes to the night before; but during the dress up, stick to the below three simple principles: 

First: Do not take any phone calls while dressing up and styling yourself.

Second: Do everything you need to finish in the bathroom then move to your room/walk in closet. So you won’t end up running in between.

Last: Pack everything you need to take for touch ups, right after you use it; so that you don’t have to lose time on this the last minute as you’re walking out.


In my case, the above routine turned out quite helpful as it is cutting half of the time I need to be ready. But most importantly, it is completely erasing the classical stress of the last minute! 

Glamorously Yours; 


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