Winds of Change Again

Today, I went through my previous blog post “Winds of Change”, published back in 2014… And I realized that the winds of change are changing directions again…

Last I imagined in my career as a freelance luxury consultant, former regional editor/director, and influencer/blogger; that the day will come where I will be standing on the other side of the story. Entrepreneurship on this level was not on my short term agenda at all.

The truth is, every single sign, good or bad, was directing me into this very same direction. I’ve had that dream, but I’ve shelved it for a few years at least. But sign after sign, came to tell me loud and clear that it was the time I put both my feet on the ground and make it happen.

But the winds of change are unpredictable and can be very very very surprising.

Suddenly, I am reading the back of the page, the part of the story I never saw before.

Suddenly, I am not longer the poser, but the composer.

Suddenly, I am the creative head, the influence.

“How will this impact my blogging?” was one of the questions I asked first. Because even though it is a side story in my life, it is one I love dearly.

In fact, I am planning to do a content shift, to go along this career shift. Because where I stand now is a way richer place in terms of creativity and ideas. But it is also a very busy place where I don’t know how erratic my schedule will be!

So the new plan is simple: “No schedule, I’ll guide this on whim!!”. This is why I will be posting more erratically, but also more idea-heavy blog posts and social media posts. And at the same time I will make sure my reviews, style posts, informational posts (in fashion, lifestyle or travel), educational posts or inspiration posts; are more dense and reader oriented within the frame of a personal storytelling approach.

I’ll try as much as possible as well, to bring you more collaborations you can benefit from!! 

After all, it’s personal and it’s about the genuine presence and interesting content.

Let’s ship this journey together… On a whim!


I will be sharing a lot of insider information and a live account of my journey live on Instagram

And I rant a lot on Twitter where I share a lot of business, politics, life wisdom, and marketing/PR insights along with my fashion & lifestyle posts: Tweet me!! 

Glamorously Yours;


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