Stay Young – Understand the two Pillars of Skincare

There’s no revenge like good skin!!

Everyone who knows me, knows I am very obsessed with my skin; mainly with keeping it young & healthy… Did I mention young? I understand that nearing 30 (28 to be exact), looking young becomes an important concern for most of us women; and this can only be maintained through a perfect skincare regimen and its dedicated daily application.

In order to keep the skin young, the very first advice is to avoid the 3S evils! Sun, smoke and stress! The three factors contribute as major factors in the thinning, and ageing of the skin.

Closely to staying away from the 3 major causes of skin aging, comes a great skincare routine based on keeping the skin moisturized, and on equipping it with the active ingredients that prevent, fight and reverse ageing symptoms.

Below, I am sharing a few products I trust and recommend to perform these missions professionally:

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-For a multi-purpose HERO product that handles multiple missions per day, there’s always the new Bioderma Hydrabio Perfecteur! Another efficient innovation I totally loved; this perfector moisturizes the skin, protects it, blocks the sun and hides imperfections! Bonus point: Perfect skin & blurred imperfections for your perfect selfies, and live no makeup snaps!

-To moisturize, nothing works better for me than the Bioderma duo of Hydrabio Serum and Hydrabio Creme! These two products that I prefer using by night are miraculous. They moisturize the skin instantly, then lock in the moisture for hours. I prefer using both products by night, but only the serum by day. Bonus point: The serum is easily absorbed, non-greasy, and can be a great base for makeup. The cream is also light, and can be used by day or night.

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-For dramatic anti-ageing effects, I swear by Liftiane Creme by SVR. With a high concentration of active ingredients (mainly resveratrol and hyaluronic acid), this light cream reverses the signs of aging like a miracle. Bonus point: Results are very visible within a month of use; mainly in the areas of fine lines and skin firming.

-To fight the sun factor, I trust the Écran Minéral Teinté by SVR. This sun block is light, matte, tinted, mineral, and transforms into powder at the first touch of skin. It stays on top of your skin and doesn’t get absorbed, so it is perfect for sensitive skins and pregnant women as well. Bonus point: It blends perfectly with makeup due to its liquid to powder texture.

These Bioderma & SVR products are currently part of my daily skincare regimen. It is worthy to note that Bioderma is one of my most trusted brands and SVR is my doctors’ favorite in the area of anti-ageing active ingredients.

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