Too Much Makeup? Here’s What to do with Excess Makeup Products.

I am sure ladies completely understand me when I say, I have too much makeup! Not on my face though; but in my closet! We all have excess products, duplicated products or colors, colors we never use, and expensive products with amazing packaging we do not have the heart to throw away!

Yet, we all thrive for a neat and useful makeup kit, that we can actually use then renew regularly. But having too much makeup, often gives us a guilty feeling about shopping for new products; and that annoying feeling that comes with having a cluttered makeup case and a lot of unused products.


Below in this article, I will share with you five solutions for this classic makeup situation, that will also make you feel a little better:


1- Mix the colors from your unwanted makeup with other colors so you can make use of them!

2- Give away your excess makeup products to your little sister, cousin, mom or friend. You will feel better knowing someone is using them.

3- Exchange your excess makeup with your girlfriends’ excess makeup; so you all end up with products you can make use of.

4- If the packaging is too attractive, keep it and replace the product inside it.

5- If the product is already past its lifetime. Throw it away, no solutions there! It’s harmful already!


Share with me, what do you do with your excess makeup products??


Glamorously Yours;


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