Styling all Black for my Mood

I have a lot of reasons to wake up and decide on styling an all black outfit, even when the weather is perfect and I still can wear my happy-go-lucky colors… In effect, black is a very powerful color that imposes its own mood and makes its own statement.

For me, black is the color that reflects my personality and constant brooding moods. I am most often deep in thought, over-analyzing, reading between the lines, planning all the projects I handle for other businesses, sinking in a book or  in lists of related articles for hours, or listening to music with very powerful lyrics . I also get extremely introverted extended periods of life, usually before launching new projects; and black becomes my best friend.

I will share with you my reasons for wearing all black at times, going from the shallow to the deep:

1- When I don’t know what else to wear, black fits perfectly.

2- When I am not sure of the level of the formality of an event.

3- When I am trying to hide recently taken pounds.

4- When I feel like standing out.

5- When my mind is too crowded and I find myself looking for a simple outfit.

6- When my mind is torn and I am brooding.

7- When I feel powerful and un-inclined to be nice.

Why do you wear black?

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