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As you know by now, being an influencer has its perks! We get to try out a lot of new beauty products!! For me, this is a chance to let you know of my own beauty favorites, why would you love them too, is it worthy to buy them and how can you make the best out of them??

I’ve bought and received a lot of products lately, so I won’t be able to talk about all of them here, but I will try my best to include as many as I can of the products I personally think you will love too!

1- When it comes to Oud, my favorite three ouds ever are the following: Oud Ispahan by Dior Prive, Supreme Oud by Ralph Lauren and of course Oud Malaki from Chopard. The Dior and Chopard Ouds are amazing by night, you will love them as they’d last the whole night, and make such a strong statement. The Ralph Lauren version is less intense but it also lasts all day, and is perfect for those who are not into drop-dead-oud. All three perfumes are worth investing in.

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2- Lexy Cosmetics recently launched their nail range, and introduced innovative top coats and base coats, I’ve been using them for the past month and I must say I fell hard for the classy packaging. I loved the nail hardener base coat; and the top coat lasts for a good week. The products deliver as promised, and that I like. I recommend.

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3- I’ve been using Tresemme since before its official market introduction to Lebanon; and I recently loved their Keratine range “7 Days Smooth”. Of course, I couldn’t test the validity of the claim over 7 days, because no one will stay this long without washing their hair! But the products do indeed discipline my hair for over 48 hours and keep it sleek and straight. I recommend.

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4- Kiehl’s deep repair hair mask based on olive oil, is the first hair product I ever try out of the Kiehl’s range. And I must say that this product stands superior to most of the hair masks I’ve tried before. You will love this product because your hair will come out softer and shinier immediately; you will start feeling the damage is being repaired after three to five uses; no miracles here just a scientific promise well delivered. I highly recommend.

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5- One of the most important steps in the makeup process, is actually removing it! I’m always looking for easy and efficient ways to remove my makeup; so I totally loved Barbara Gould’s range of makeup removers. All three products, the makeup removing tissues as well as the water based and oil based liquids are perfect. I always find the oil mixed Micellar water the best option, and the tissues a perfect alternative when in a hurry. I highly recommend all three products starting from the oil mixed micellar water, then the makeup removing water and finally the tissues when you don’t have the luxury of time. Its never enough to say, please NEVER sleep with your makeup on.

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