The Caudalie Resveratrol Range

Caudalie -Paris-, the skincare brand that has been growing at a rate of 100% in the Middle East for the last few years, finally released the much awaited Resveratrol [Lift] anti-aging range. And even though I am not exactly at the age where I am supposed to be regularly using anti-aging creams, I was anxious to get my hands on the range and try it out first.

Below in this point by point review, I will tell you more about each product of the Caudalie Resveratrol [Lift] range, why do I love it, and why you will love it too!


The Firming Serum [Facial contour redefining, 3D resculpting]

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-Mode of use: Use this serum under your day and night creams, apply on both face and neck.

-Why I love it? This serum is truly intense, it will get easily absorbed into the skin without leaving traces, and will leave your skin sharply defined and results are visible within less than  weeks.

-Why you will love it too? Because it is lightweight, easily spreadable and effective within a short time range.


The Lifting Eye Cream [Anti-wrinkle, anti-under-eye-bags, lifting]

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-Mode of use: Use under your eyes by day and night.

-Why I love it? Because the bags under my eyes were reduced as of the first overnight use, the fine lines started fading within 2 weeks, faster than the acclaimed 30 days.

-Why you will love it? Because you will start seeing results overnight, then within 2 weeks!!


The Face Lifting Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 [Firms, corrects wrinkles, oil free]

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-Mode of use: Use it every morning after the serum and under your makeup.

-Why I love it? Because it keeps the skin moisturized all day long, and will keep it looking healthy after removing my all day makeup. Perfectly completes the range!

-Why you will love it too? Because it perfectly delivers its promise of leaving the skin younger looking, and is also a perfect makeup base!!


The Night Cream [Decontracts, Smooths, Regenerates]

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-Mode of use: Massage it into your skin at night after you’ve removed your makeup and cleansed your face.

Why I love it? Because it is a multi-dimensional treatment that give you a radiant face overnight, and a much smoother skin within a month.

-Why you will love it too? Because it is so moisturizing, and has both short and long run effects! And because you will have the motivation to use it regularly (just like the serum).


Final verdict over the Resveratrol Range: Highly recommend!!


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