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6 Steps to Recover from Excess Tanning

Excess tanning is very dangerous to the skin. And since I cannot avoid it because, well, I am better at giving advice than taking it; I am always facing emergency scenarios related to excess tanning. But with time, I also learned how to handle these cases whenever they strike; usually over vacations where I feel like I can take advantage of an early summer.

From my experience, this is what you can do to recover from excess tanning and skin dryness post-vacation:

1- Totally avoid sun exposure for a week after your vacation and use sunscreen every single day.
2- Increase your water consumption to 3 liters per day over one week.
3- Use a thick textured moisturizer on your face and body every 12 hours.
4- Use a moisturizing facial mask, every day, over a week; and for a minimum of 30 minutes.
5- Make sure you start using a moisturizer with Retinol-A on your face and body before you sleep. It is the only formula that actually reverses sun damage. Continue with this process for about a month; and if you can make it your new summer habit; all the better.
6- Avoid any kind of peelings and friction treatments for a week; until the burnt skin falls off of itself.


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