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Issues with Packing for Travel

I don’t know if I am the only one here, but I have serious issues with packing for travel. I cannot seem to be able to travel light at all.

Whenever I pack a basic piece, I automatically start thinking of another 5 choices to pack with it. My mind starts racing and I end up with 20 different outfits for a 7 days trip. I just can’t help giving myself too many options and overloading my luggage.

Now that I have a lot of trips lined up, I can no longer use this overbearing logic; so I gathered a few tips from here and there, and decided to share them with you:

-Count the days of your trip, if there are no special occasions within it, subtract a day or two before starting to plan your outfits.

-Make sure most of the pieces you pack are very versatile, so you can mix and match endlessly.

-Always pack light shoes and light bags with you; preferably inside each other to save space. Make the shoes versatile, comfortable and stylish at once to save having more than 3 or 4. You can fit the smaller bags or clutches in the bigger ones.

-Pick your most low maintenance pieces to travel with, you do not want to end up having to prepare your outfit every single day. Time is short and precious!

-Select all the items you need for a natural feel good makeup, and do not overcrowd your makeup case with anything beyond that. Ok maybe just maybe one red lipstick!

-Pack up your favorite perfume. That’s it. One perfume, your favorite.

-Unless you are totally comfortable with your natural hair; pack only a compact straightening iron. It’ll do.

-Do not pack whatever you can find in the hotel where you are staying. You’re not going to the jungle.

But most importantly, do not pack with a “what-if” mentality. This will make you pack a ton of useless stuff and a lot of duplicates. Always remember that if you have your passport and a credit card, you’re good to go.


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