Summer Body Peeling

In this article, I will teach you how to prepare and use an essential oils summer body peeling that’ll make your body’s skin literally glow all summer long. (Pictures at the end)

I get too many questions about my skin, especially about my body’s skin that’s always super soft and glowing. The truth is, I am obsessed with moisturizing my skin head to toe every single night before bed. Besides this, I visit spas regularly and get body peels and wraps. But that’s not everything, because I also have my own at-home peeling routine, which I credit for my amazing skin all throughout summer.


How to prepare an essential oils summer body peeling?

-You will need some neutral petroleum jelly, white sugar (brown sugar is too rough), argan oil and Nuxe dry oil (you can use any mix of essential oils you want, but Nuxe happens to be my favorite)

-Mix 5 big spoons of sugar, with 1 spoon of petroleum jelly, 1 spoon of argan oil and 1 spoon of essential oils; until you get a pasty white mix


How to use the mix?

-Rub the mix in circular motions all over your body, neck to toes. Try to go easier on the spots with delicate skin, and rougher on your elbows, knees and feet

-Rinse your body with warm water

-Proceed with your shower regularly

-Apply an intense moisturizing lotions all over your body


Immediate results:

-You will immediately notice that your skin is way softer and more receptive to any moisturizers

-Your skin will be glowing over many upcoming days, since the peeling removed all the dead skin on the surface

-Your next tanning attempt will come off more even and longer lasting


Long term results:

-Your skin will become gradually more receptive to any treatments

-You will notice that any scars or uneven coloring will gradually fade

-Your rougher patches (elbows, knees, feet) will also gradually disappear


My last recommendation is to remain consistent using this body peeling weekly, because the longer run results are too good to be true!


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lebanese beauty bloggers



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