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The Styling Mistakes to Avoid

Color styling is the first thing we tend to think about when we talk about “styling”. And is usually also the first thing we tend to remember about someone’s outfit! Colors are also a sensitive area of fashion; and the area where most of us tend to make big mistakes. Color styling is the first thing to master when learning how to style.

This is why, I collected these eight tips to prevent you color styling pitfalls!

1- Do not wear shades of neutral together: The biggest pitfall is trying to put together different shades of nude, white, black or any other neutral. These colors need to be of the exact same shade to work together.

2- Shades of the same color need to be contrasted: Do not wear shades of the same color that are one or two degrees apart, it will look like a near miss. It is better to have the shades of the same color contrasted and five to seven color degrees apart. You do not want to look like you tried for a monochrome and failed.

3- Stick to one shade of neon or two contrasting shades: When you’re planning to introduce neons to your outfit, stick to one shade of neon. Otherwise pick two shades that are a guaranteed contrast; using neons that are close will also look like a flawed monochrome.

4- Never mix hot hues with cold hues: This might sound a little tricky, because the same color can be on both sides depending on the shade. But for most, you will find the combination odd without putting the effort to distinguish the shades.

5- Keep your contrasts on a one to one: Whenever you’re planning to contrast colors that do not usually go together, keep at two colors. A mix of more than two colors that are not a natural fit will look tacky.

6- Patterned pieces: Whenever you have patterns, you will have to take the secondary (non-background) colors of the pattern into consideration increasingly with the pattern’s size. The smaller the pattern, the less you need to pay attention to these secondary shades.

7- Colors of your clutch and shoes do not have to be the same: It is not the first time we mentioned it, and will not be the last!!! It is a signature of the last couple of years that your clutch and heels no longer have to be perfect matches! But keep in mind that an absolute contrast is always better than one or two shades amiss.

8- Best items to introduce colors to your outfits: The best items to have in strong colors are heels, clutches/bags and blazers! Very versatile!

9- Colors on your nails: Nail polish is an important part of our general look. When it comes to the color of your nail polish, a perfect match between your finger nails and toes’ nails is always the best option. However if you feel like having different shades, let the darker shade be the one on your toes’ nails. In this case, mismatches are not the best option, this is why you should go for colors that go together; yet, never shades of the same color. A good option would be having a French pedicure and pop colors for your manicure.

10- Avoid cold hues in your makeup: Unless you have colored eyes, cold shades are always odd to the face and tend to emphasize any small imperfection in the skin. Stick to neutral or hot shades for your makeup; this is especially important if you have a dark skin or a sun tan.

Apart of that, always keep your eyes colorful!!


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