Exclusive Interview with Lynne Webber from Marina Rinaldi

I remember the first time I got acquainted with the brand Marina Rinaldi: It was on a magazine cover, with a gorgeous natural blonde wearing a sharp white suit fitting her curves like a velvet glove. I still cannot remember the blonde lady, nor the magazine’s name; but I never forgot that pant suit.

Fast forward to summer 2015, I met the lovely Ms. Audrey Tabet who’s the lady in charge of PR / Media and Communications for the brand in Lebanon, who introduced me to the brand more closely. At that; no wonder that image stayed in my head that long. We are talking about an elegant, timeless, and chic brand that delivers excellence of design and quality.

Marina Rinaldi in Beirut held an exclusive event last Friday to launch “The Special Elegante Capsule” -which is a must shop btw- in the presence Ms. Enrica – Carretti herself; who I also got to meet in person!

In the below interview, brand managing director Ms. Lynne Webber will tell us more about Marina Rinaldi and why is it a brand that’s a perfect fit for the curvaceous Arab Woman.

Above in the picture is Ms. Enrica Carretti in the middle in full black, with Ms. Audrey Tabet (far right), me, the lovely Aya Diab and the regional manager for the brand in the Middle East.

1. Managing a plus size brand is not the regular fashion brand management experience; but rather
one that needs an exceptional woman who understands women’s relationship with their
bodies. Tell us more about LYNNE WEBBER and what makes her that woman?

I do feel and believe that any woman is beautiful in her own personal way and deserves to look
beautiful in elegant, stylish and fashionable clothes. The relationship between a woman and her
body, regardless her size, age, personal style and tastes, is a sensitive issue, and a remarkable
number of women tend to feel insecure when it comes to their body: at Marina Rinaldi, thorugh
our collections, we aim to help women increase their self confidence, offering a wide selection
of items which can suit and flatter all silhouettes.

2. What makes Marina Rinaldi a perfect fit for the Lebanese and the Arab Market?

Lebanese and Middle Eastern women in general have strong personalities, are proud and self
confident, and have a very clear sense of fashion, all qualities that make them embody perfectly
the Marina Rinaldi average woman. Also, we certainly share a passion for bright colors, prints
and patterns of any kind, embroideries and beadings, which can always be found in any Marina
Rinaldi collection.

3. What makes a lady goes to a plus size label instead of the bigger sizes of a regular label?

It’s definitely a matter of fit: a Marina Rinaldi item will always fit better than the same item in
the same size of any “regular” brand, due to the very specific way in which we design our
clothes. In addition to this, we offer a much wider variety of styles, in order to help our
customers to find easily the perfect pieces for any occasion or moment of the day.
4. Who’s the lady in the mind of the brand, and the background of the latest collection?
Always a self confident woman, proud of herself and passionate about fashion. A woman who
loves playing with fashion but not a fashion victim. For the FW season she loves playing with
opposites, and mixing different silhouettes, materials and patterns to create sophisticated lookswith a special twist.

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5. Patricia Arquette is the current Ambassador of Marina Rinaldi, can you tell us more about this
specific choice? And how does Patricia Arquette represent Marina Rinaldi?

Patricia Arquette embodies in a natural, spontaneous way all the values promoted by Marina
Rinaldi , the values which express our brand philosophy. Patricia is strong, self confident,
beautiful, she’s a talented Oscar winning actress, yet she’s just like any woman: a mother, a
wife, a professional, who’s been struggling to be as successful as she is today. She can be a
positive role model, but she could be, at the same time, any woman’s friend, or sister, there’s a
little bit of her in all of us. We were touched by Patricia’s extraordinary speech on the Oscar’s
stage in February and felt hers was simply the perfect voice to add up to the “Women Are Back”
claim of our campaign, the one that could help us making it sound louder and clearer

6. Can you tell us more about your own view of the Arab Women and their relationship with
fashion? And how does that reflect on the brand’s plans in the Middle East?

We have lots of Arab women among our clients, who regularly shop in many of the Marina
Rinaldi stores. We know how passionate they are about fashion, but we also know that they
have a specific sense of style and know exactly what they want: they can spend hours trying on
dozens of looks, but it will only take them a few minutes in order to make up their minds as to
what to buy. Expanding our presence in the Middle East area is definitely among the goals we
aim to reach.

7. If you had one advice to give plus size women, what would it be?

Be proud of yourself, play with fashion, look beautiful; you are special, you deserve it, you are
not your size!

Thank you Ms. Lynne!!!

Patricia Issa

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