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5 Good Reasons to Wear Dark Lipstick

Is this black? Dark burgundy? Deep purple? Why do you wear such dark lipstick? Are you emo?

NO. It’s IN fashion. But I don’t know if you noticed (I certainly did) that people have to stare when you wear dark lipstick. So people know dark colors are in, people know that big fashion and beauty houses are making these intensely dark colors; but still have to stare when we wear dark lipstick. Dear LORD.

So, since people will stare anyway; here are 5 GOOD reasons to wear dark lipstick:
1- Dark lipstick will save you a lot of time as you won’t need heavy eye makeup.
2- You will get away with a messier look easily.
3- You will get away with your chapped (or peeled -yes I do that at times) lips too.
4- Dark lips can add instant intensity to an overly simple or clear colored look.
5- Dark lips are a fashion statement of their own.

I am into deep taupe (aubergine), burgundy and deep reds for my darks; what are your favorite dark lipsticks??


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