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Travelers’ Special: How to Pick a Hotel?

Travel is high on everyone’s agendas these days. Whether for leisure or for business, it is hard not to find ourselves not boarding a plane a few times per year.

A crucial part of traveling to a new country, is the choice of the hotel at which I will be staying. A choice that is influenced by too many factors I have to consider one by one. So unless I am on a sponsored trip; here are the factors I tend to consider when picking a hotel, and the factors I also recommend you consider individually before setting a choice:

1- The location of the hotel vis a vis the main attractions of the city you’re most interested in. For me, I always take the sea over the city center.

2- The grade and rank of the hotel against other hotels in the same city. I personally always go for 5 stars hotels which are at least among the top 6-7 in the surrounding area. Such rankings are accurately provided on professional websites handling hotel reservations.

3- The ease and availability of several means of public transportation in the direct vicinity of the hotel.

4- Both the external and internal architecture of the hotel and the rooms; after all, we are all lovers of beauty, and we travel seeking it.

5- The colder the weather is, the more interested I am in the leisure facilities provided by the hotel: gym, spa, and other clubs.

6- The number and variety of restaurants and coffee shops inside the hotel.

7- The hotter the weather is, the more interested I become in the pools and the quality of the private beach of the hotel, as well as their relevant beach bars.

8- During shopping seasons, I will want my hotel to be near the biggest shopping malls and centers.

9- The overall package of the hotel against the price; for I always prefer being at a hotel on a HB (half board) basis for my business trips, and at least BB (bed and breakfast) for my leisure trips. You do not have to contact each hotel for such accommodations; everything is filtered accordingly  and ready for you HERE.

10- Finally, allow me to tell you that all the above filters and recommendations are not all that daunting; now that “Hotels Combined” provides them all through a few clicks! Visit the website, pick your filters and discover your favorite hotels inside out to make the most informed choice for your next trip!!

-Picture is of a favorite hotel of mine “Ciragan Palace” Kempinki Istanbul, also available among “Hotels Combined” selection of hotels-  

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